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    Hi i been tring to config ati with dsdt because i want to plug several monitors / projectors i been checking arround and i only manage to do it with nvidia; as far as i know the kabyl bootloader must work alone whith no injectors, right now i only have two ati hd 5850 but i only made one work whith atyinit i didnt find ani useful dsdt fo me and i will test yours; but i dont know which part to edit in nvidia i only had to change name of the card, nvcap and adress of pci; by the way in nvidia for several cards i copy from pegp which changes peg1, peg2, etc you did it from gfx0; I guess behavior is different i whiss if its not troble where do you get the info for the fields on de card, because 5850 uses Uakari not Vervet as the 5770, any way your files have solve a few questions but I have many more tanx a lot for this