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  1. Logic Pro 8 with an unsopported card?

    I had the same issue with Logic Pro 8 and no graphics support! Forcefully installing with pacifist gets it installed, but it screws up when the application runs! I solved the problem by getting Logic Pro 9! You still have to forcefully install if you don't have graphics hardware support (CI/QE) and just like version 8 the application itself doesn't verify your graphics support like the installer does... So in short, Logic Pro 9 (NINE) works with or without CI/QE, while Logic Pro 8 only works if you have CI/QE otherwise it screws up when ran! Hope that helps!
  2. Well why don't you try it? You have a Nvidia Geforce 330m in your laptop so try it! I would like to know since I'm buying a laptop and I wont get one with a 330m if its not supported!
  3. Best Laptops With Full Hardware Support and Acceleration

    Hello there! My current laptop I made into a hackintosh (Not everything works though [i didn't buy my current computer with the intention of running OSX on it... Just came across the OSx86 project one day and tried it and it worked to an extent]) Graphics support is non existant due to a Intel GMA 4500 and internal wifi is not working... Sound and just about everything else work! However I am planning on getting a new laptop very soon (I'm sick of 1024x768 res and none of the hacks to get native resolution have worked for me, plus CI/QE would be nice) I have tried searching but haven't come up with anything that puts my mind at ease. Basically I'm trying to figure out what laptop I should buy with my price range being between $600 - $800 (+ $50 maybe $100 more than that) Uncertainty is what I'm filled with... And lots of laptops online don't list all the specs like what motherboard they have, gfx, etc... Really frustrating. I'm trying to avoid integrated graphics as well! Can anyone please recommend a latop that has just about everything working (things I don't mind not working are: internal wifi [i have a USB wifi adapter + driver that works in OSX if I need it], and sleep) It absolutely must have hardware accelerated graphics support, and sound! Are my two biggest needs! It seems like buying a computer with OSX in mind and not have the same chance of OSX working on it or not! Is it just a gamble whether it will work or not? Someone help me take the gamble out of my purchase! I want to be certain it will work!