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  1. Thanks USB Fixed ... guess I'm gonna buy a HP nc360T to fix ethernet and return the Wifi Card Can someone confirm if the USB Audio adaptor I linked before will work?, and also can anyone confirm the Audio over Mini Displayport thanks! or if there is a KEXT that works with this motherboard thanks!
  2. Tried still nothing ... the card shows up as wifi in network but doesn't ever find any networks ... so basically it exists but finds nothing Also realized I don't have USB 3.0 working as in the USB 3.0 on my EVGA SR-2 Board does nothing not even USB 2.0 functionality what would be the appropriate kext to fix this?
  3. SR-2 Motherboard so on board ethernet and on board audio do not function in Mavericks Would this work for audio http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812186035 SYBA SD-CM-UAUD USB Stereo Audio Adapter Also the GFX Card used is an apple ATI 5870 with 2 Mini display ports and 1 DVI-D if i were to connect a mini display port > HDMI adaptor to it would I be able to send audio over that HDMI to a TV? Lastly I bought a TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 because I had seen it recommended but it now seems that it doesn't function under Mavericks, Recognized but refuses to find any networks ... if anyone can find me a fix for that I will be incredibly greatful Thanks!
  4. I built a Hackintosh with an EVGA SR-2 Board where the Ethernet ports are not compatible under OSX, I have internet through an apple USB > Ethernet adapter and I can access iMessage but need a method by which I can enable the app store, Thanks in advance any and all help will be greatly appreciated Chameleon 2.2 svn is my boot loader
  5. Doubt it helps but they basically look like this
  6. Thanks, might try that then. Question still remains in terms of the fact they are lidless processors, does this result in an issue when actually installing them and creating the build? would a heatsink still be able to make contact with the processors clamped down if they do not have a heat spreader on top? or would some sort of tweaking be required? Also Is overclocking possible / somewhat easy on a hackintosh? Thanks again for all the help very much appreciated Thx ... from the first thread I will have to flash the BIOS in order to get it to work with the CPUs I have .... 2nd one ... Macrumours talks about installing in a Mac Pro ... still remain unsure of installing a lidless cpu from a mac pro on a PC board Just out of curiousity are there any cheaper boards that will work? Thanks again everyone
  7. K so a 450 dollar board Would you happen to be able to give me some insight on whether or not I would be able to drop in the 2 x5570's I have. They're lidless and missing the heat spreader, pulled from my 2009 Mac pro when I upgraded to Dual x5680s and if I would have to do some tweaks what they would entail? Thanks!
  8. This is one particular sticking point I was worried about ... since it was a bit of a hassle to get the lidded CPUs into my Mac Pro without crushing the sockets. If anyone has any additional insight on this topic and the plausibility it would be great thanks! and on the topic of motherboards are there any specific ones you would suggest, especially in conjunction with working with Hackintosh and with the class of processor I have on hand? Thanks Gonna see if my friend is interested when I can confidently get an idea of how much this would cost, if he's not if its worth my $$ I'll make a render box as noted before.
  9. I have 2 x5570's that i pulled from my Mac Pro replaced them with x5680's I was wondering if it would be possible to use those 2 processors to build a hackintosh? I assume the compatibility and drivers should be there in some form as the Mac Pro already used and supported these processors. Would anyone happen to know the motherboard I would need in order to make this work when I build a hackintosh. My friend is interested in building one so I will either use it to help him or if he decides to go another route I may try to just use it as a render box to work in conjunction with my existing Mac Pro while rendering. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I currently have 2 x5570's (Lidless From a Mac Pro) and a Apple Radeon HD 5870 1 GB would anyone be able to suggest what additional components I would need and would be compatible so I could get a rough Idea on what I would be expecting to spend on this? Thanks!
  10. Nvidia GTX 295 support

    I have an 8 core mac pro does anyone if i can make a gtx 295 compatible with osx on it as well as windows through bootcamp? or if there will be a way to do so after snow leopard comes out

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I NEED TO BACK UP THE PICTURES AT LEAST someone tell me how to do that please i am begging please help me

    it was sse3 and it should be sse3 sure of that IT SHOULDn't be the update i did that almost a month ago and i fixed the hdd with disk utility from my original mac osx install dvd before 2 updates but that didn't work either after i enter my password all i get is the spining wheel forever please help is there anyway i can get access to the files on mac from windows so i can back them up please i really need help with this. i restarted because the internet wasn't working and then boom nothing no accounts open everytime i try stupid thig gives me the spinning color wheel please help me. i need to atleast back up the files dmg's i have on that hdd as well as files please tell me how i will back them up to dvd's i guess but how do i get access in order to do that how do i touch those mac drives please my entiire music collection as well as 8gb of photos are there i need help

  14. All of a sudden all I did was restart the computer and then now when i am trying to boot mac it goes to the login screen and when i enter my password and press enter i get the spining wheel of death. is there any way to fix this or back up my files in anyway please help i tried macdrive 6.15 don't recognize the mac drives. i updated using jas 10.4.8 patch a while ago just after i restarted i got this problem running it on a 3.2ghz pentium 4 comp i have mac on a seperate 160gb hdd and i also have an additional 100 gb on my windows hdd anyway i can back that up or fix it without loosing my files any help would be greatly apprecaited thanks i restated because the internet was not coming on and that usually works with opt online someone please help
  15. opengl ?