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    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    i found the answer by myself. I downloaded the 10.6.2 img file from the tea-blog: http://tdev.me/2010/03/mac-os-x-snow-leopa...amsung/?lang=en installation was very easy: - i copyed the tea-blog image to my windows partition - then i bootet the nc10 with a osx installation dvd in an external dvd drive - after that you can mount and install the image using this tut: Restoring data to your startup disk If you want to selectively restore data to your startup disk, you must start up your Macintosh from an installation of Mac OS X on another hard drive. If you do not have an installation of Mac OS X on another hard drive, you can boot from your Mac OS X Installer DVD and use Disk Utility to restore the entire disk image: Reboot your computer from the Mac OS X Installer DVD After the Installer application loads, choose "Disk Utility" from the Utilities menu From the File menu, choose "Open Disk Image..." and locate the disk image that you would like to restore In the list in the pane on the left, click on the mounted disk image's volume Click on the "Restore" tab on the right side of the window Drag the mounted disk image to the Source field. Leopard users: If the Source field does not accept the dragged volume, right-click on the disk image's mounted volume and choose "Set as source" from the contextual menu. Drag the hard drive that you would like to restore to into the "Destination" field Check the box to erase the destination, then click on the Restore button. works absolutely fine for me. everything is working. also brightness (Fn+F11 & Fn+Del) enjoy!
  2. babblned

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hi, i have 10.5.4 OSX installed. What is the easiest way to upgrade to 10.6.x ? is it even possible, or is a complete new installation needed? Information is unfortunately rare on this toppic. thanks