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  1. Just to add some of my experiences with this guide on my DV8t. I have 8GB of DRAM and that was causing a Kernel Panic when i tried to boot the legacy_kernel. I had no problems with the vanilla kernel but wanted more than one core. To get around this (after you've followed the guide through the legacy_kernel installation), at the Chameleon boot screen, type: legacy_kernel -v -busratio=12 -force64. (I've added this to my Cham/Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist file but for some reason it is not being read at startup so I have to add the line manually each time I boot) With that I can boot legacy_kernel fine, 8GB and 8 cores running! Thanks for all your help on this Mammoth! Now, if anyone has figured out how to the the sound running...I'm all ears!!! :-)
  2. I had already tried pfix. I've also tried to boot the legacy_kernel with multiple variations of: cpu=1 or 8, arch=X86_64 or i386, busratio=12 (or no busratio flag), ... All were a no go. Always a KP when I try to boot the legacy_kernel. mach_kernel boots fine with cpus=1, busratio=12. Just to make sure I didn't screw something up following the guide. I'm going to re-partition the drive and start all over. I'll let you know if I get the same results.
  3. Mammoth. Thanks for the trackpad fix...worked perfect! Now I have a new one. I'm completed the guide through "changing to legacy kernel". After a reboot post the legacy kernel install i receive a kernel panic. I can still boot with the options: mach_kernel -v cpus=1 busratio=12. The apple.com.Boot.plist in /Cham/Extra does show: legacy_kernel busratio=12 arch=X86_64 Any ideas on what's going wrong? I'd try to take a screen shot of the boot fail, but it is doing an auto reboot after a "cpu halted" message....although a few lines to show up just before the screen blacks out during the reboot. Let me know if there is any specific info I can provide that might help you debug. macvett
  4. Mammoth, I'm on my third install attempt. (I thought I knew enough to shortcut a few instructions) Anyway, long story short this time i followed the instructions EXACTLY , I keep getting the same error. After running the MacPro software update and rebooting, I no longer have trackpad or keyboard functionality. I've also tried plugging in a USB wireless Apple Keyboard. When I do, a dialog box pops up (Keyboard Setup Assistant) that indicates that by keyboard can't be identified (so OSX is still running on the DV8t...not locked up), but still no keyboard or mouse activity. My next plan is to pop out the drive and install VoodooPS2 kexts while it's connected to my real Mac. Then apply the 10.6.4 update. I'll let you know what i find. macvett Quick update, I just figured out i was mistaken above and I do have keyboard functionality, just not trackpad or mouse after the MacPro software update. ----------- Third edit!!! {censored}...I'm an idiot. Batteries were dead in my USB Apple mouse. After replacing them the USB mouse works fine. BUT, still no DV8t trackpad activity.
  5. Great tutorial! I also have a DV8t and this is helping me alot. I just went out and purchased SL 10.6.3. One quick comment. On the third pdf...about installing Chameleon, step 13... you show an uppercase for the "change directory" command. If I use CAPS for the input "CD", it doesn't actually execute and change the directory (and it didn't give me an error message either). I needed to use small case, "cd". Yes, case sensitive always seems to bite me! I'll let you know how the rest goes, but so far, so good! An excellent tutorial! Thanks so much, this has been a big help!