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  1. Gigabyte Motherboard

    Sounds like a silly question. My hackintosh is aging and planning to buy a new mother board and a brand new CPU. Thanks for genius people like you guys to build such a great forum Can anyone kindly suggest a configuration works well with vanilla installation ? I would like to use intel i7 3770 cpu, any specific motherboard would adapt an easier installation? A "cuda" GPU suggestion is also a great idea. Any input is welcome.
  2. News! Pandora's Box Beta2 is OUT

    Sounds like a silly question. My hackintosh is aging and planning to buy a new mother board and a brand new CPU. Thanks for genius people like you guys to build such a great tool. Can anyone kindly suggest a configuration works well with Pandora's box ? Fairly good mother board, top line i7 CPU, fairly good gpu. Any input is welcome.
  3. It All Set Now. Thanks a Lot Fabio Ray
  4. Still without any luck. My Lion Partition is named "Mac" and the USB automatically name itself "Mac OS X Base System" when i run the Lionize script. i only use 1 HDD and 1 partition at the moment and thats it.
  5. Hi, I fail to "./finalize /Volume/Lion", it reply like "unable locate destination" , but I'm able to boot with USB to chameleon. Updated to 10.7.1 successfully, but never able to boot directly from the installed HD with chameleon unless using the USB.
  6. I've only got the "insallesd.dmg" Is there any possible workaround to turn that back to " install Mac os x lion.app" ?
  7. I am totally TOAST... Please save me .. After update via system update to 10.6.8 , no sound like everyone of you, except that, everything works fine. I followed the steps from Fabio on page 82 , sounds came back but all the HDD icons turn to yellow removable drive icon. I also checked post #4 and replace ALL the plist file, Internet no longer works. The downloaded file is named "info-1.plist" I modified it back to "info.plist" and replace it in the corresponding locations. Please help
  8. First of all, thanks for everyone who ever contribute to this installation, ive successfully get OSX running on PC. Anyone of you thinking its the time to move on? I'm thinking about get the latest sandy bridge setup, hopefully someone start a post like this. Is it a good idea to get bunch ppl have a more or less the exact configuration ... CPU, MOBO, memory, display card... And "someone" work out a way of the installation? I'm more than happy to donate Anyone in?
  9. Here in Hong Kong, really hard to get a "branded blue tooth" dongle like Dlink, belkin . I bought 2 other OEM ones, never work though. Some mouse came with a blue tooth adepter , however only able to use with that particular mouse, never appear in system setting. For 10.6.5 , after audio fix, everything works fine except I need to hard shut down every times.
  10. I've done a little research, found that not many USB blue tooth support OS 10.6 Any suggestion ?
  11. Just wondering how you guys connect to blue tooth devices?
  12. Tks dude. What you did is really saving peoples money. I should think about to get a 6-core CPU now, I really love my computer now. I would love to learn more about how to install those kernels... Are there any 101 you know in the forum? Your tutorials are amazing here, I can follow all the steps without any problem, just want to know what exactly I have to do/install/modify when I upgrade the vedio card or CPU or memory or anything. Thanks for your help.
  13. Is there any possibility that the installer will compatible for newer 6 core 12-thread CPU like 970 or X980?
  14. Please insert the boot 132 iso, there is a mpkg for Mac, my sound and network works fine after I finish the installation. Btw, just wanna share with you guys, for those looking for wireless solution I got a great gadget today .. http://tenda.cn/product/show.php?productid-371.html It connects any wifi network, and feed a LAN to the computer, no driver is needed.
  15. Yup, really few steps makes the difference... Works perfectly now However, I am using coolermaster HAF 922 chassis, 5 HDD and 1 removable for os switch. There are many sata controller pci card on the market, however, there are quite a few capable with Mac, since the architecture of the Mac pro do not offer any space for more HDD.