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  1. Do i install Clover onto my EFI partition ? or onto OSX partition? After i must then add Clover EFi info in the bios boot manager right?
  2. thanks , now i have a ok working install, but i need helt to boot it whitout my beast usb stick. i installed next to my existing win 8 install. should i use clover or can i use camelion (already installed but does not show at boot whitout usb stick) thanks
  3. Ok but the standard install i get working using the beast or myhack solution (do they also replace the FakeSMS and NullCPUpower kext? or should i change those afterwards`?) My problem starts when i start to apply the UX31A specific kexts.... But i will try again and try to change the PS2 controller thanks
  4. i try already whit no luck.... Could you explain me the install method you used and which kext and files? then i can make a new install and try again... pic of the screen, same result even whit only -x or -v or together etc...
  5. So if its not the DSDT then it must be the applied kext causing it not to start up correctly ?
  6. First if all i am somehow a n00b to this. Had succes whit a custom build PC before but now trying to install on my Zenbook UX31A - bios 219 (PMpatched) But i managed to install 10.9 whit [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to a 2nd partion next to my win8.1 i manage to boot OSX first time after install. I then try to apply the kext and DSDT and SSDT and other files from the UX31A.ZIP But when i reboot (whit -v) i end up at "System uptime in nanosec...." and get no further. Whit -x -v UseKernelCache=no i got into the system again. I would be most thankful for a n00b guide in howto and which files to apply to my semi-working install to get it running? After i get OSX running i will then try to install Clover to get a full boot whitout the USB key.