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  1. How about a multi-card-slot card reader? I have USB SD Reader under IOSCSILogicalUnitNub@1 Mini SD Reader under IOSCSILogicalUnitNub@2 USB MS Reader under IOSCSILogicalUnitNub@3 USB SM Reader under IOSCSILogicalUnitNub@4 What should I input under AnySDCardReaderAnySBC and Fake Apple Card Reader SCSI Inject??
  2. bootloader of 4650 on Sandy Bridge Problem!

    No EVOenableris needed. Check if your monitor's adapter is VGA. I know how to make 4650 work with VGA only. 1.Update Mac OS X to 10.6.7, and DO NOT reboot after the installation. 2.Download and install this first: http://www.mediafire.com/?r52bv1otbovc9ci 3.After installed this package, go to System/Library/Extensions and find for ATI4600Controller and ATIRadeonX2000 and drag to desktop. 4.Right click and choose "Show Package Content"(something like that) 5.Find Info.plist and alter the string under IOPCIMatch like: <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x94981002</string> 6.Same work to ATIRadeonX2000. 7.Install the modified kext by KextHelper http://cheetha.net/ 8.Download the bootloader provided by Andy above, and Install it by Terminal sudo cp "boot location" / For example sudo cp /Users/User/Downloads/boot / 9.Go to /Extra to find com.apple.Boot.plist, if not exist, go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration Drag the file to desktop first. Finished then drag back. Add these things: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> 9.Restart and use this command: -v ATIconfig=Eulemur It should be work if you use VGA. for DVI, try to replace Eulemur to Flickr.
  3. bootloader of 4650 on Sandy Bridge Problem!

    A big big thank to Andy!! Now my HD 4650 work OOB on 10.6.7!!!!
  4. Hardware: GA-PA65-UD3-B3 i7 2600 8GB(4GBx2) DDR3 1333Mhz ATI 4650 -HIS/512MB SATAx2 I recently install 10.6.7 on my Sandy Bridge build. I select "Chameleon RC5-Sandy Bridge" bootloader, which is as same as AnVAL's one. I can boot into Mac unless I set GraphicsEnabler to No, since if I set yes, although bootloader recognized my video card and show "* Device in Slot -- Slot 1 * ", and after that, it hangs!!!!!! Besides, I have to change my Framebuffer to Eulemur to get my VGA output work! It seems AnVAL's did not support ATI cards well , it is? Just now, I would like to ask: 1.Which bootloader, or patchs should I use to get rid of hangs? 2.Despite I need to change Motmot to Eulemur from the ati.c source code, have any medthod enable me to change the framebuffer to Eulemur? Thank you very much!
  5. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    Oh Ya! It is very simple! because the proble of ATI5000Controller.kext. You should move it out after installed 10.6 .4 since ATI5000Controller.kext added in this version.
  6. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    Here is newest translation from http://bbs.pcbeta.com/thread-839862-1-1.html I delete some of the steps that were not important. 首先來介紹一下案例的硬件: Here is the introduction of the succeeded notebook. Acer 4745g:i5 430m(with intel hd graphics)+HM55+ ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1GRAM VGA+HDMI輸出 如果你持有類似配置的筆記本,請看一下是否符合以下條件: 2.請下載並安裝原版10.6.4(最好不要用整合版系統或者從10.6.3升級) Install 10.6.4 (Prefer clean install) 4.相信大部分使用5650m的筆記本都會搭配intel的CPU集成顯卡,請確定你的CPU顯卡可以被關閉。 If your notebook's hardware included intel CPUs intel hd graphics, please disable it in the BIOS. 5.請進BIOS,設置Graphic mode = Discrete ,如果沒有這個選項,請參看說明書 Set "Graphic mode = Discrete" in BIOS 6.如果你的CPU顯卡無法關閉,將很可能無法驅動5650m If you cannot disable your intel HD, your mobility may not be mounted successfully. 9.變色龍的版本很多,不要追求最新版本,如果你想驅動5650m,請使用我貼中的r700 boot Use Chameleon r650 and r700 boot Chameleon_v2.0_RC5_r650.pkg.zip boot.zip Files downloaded from the post. 14.請在WINDOWS下的設備管理器中確認5650m的顯卡硬件ID為1002_68c1 Check if your mobility device id is 1002:68c1 15.請確認你的筆記本同樣具有VGA+HDMI 2個外置接口 Check if your notebook has VGA & HDMI output. 16.添加AtiConfig=Nomascus到com.apple.Boot.plist,如果你試了這個值不行,請嘗試其他全部30個ATICONFIG值 Add AtiConfig=Nomascus in com.apple.Boot.plist 17.驅動5650m不需要DSDT顯卡代碼,也無需設置smbios.plist No DSDT and smbios.plist are needed. 18.安裝10.6.4系統前,請移動安裝盤System\Library\Extensions下的ATI5000Controller.kext到其他位置備用,替換好BOOT後再用B7安裝回去 Before installing 10.6.4, move ATI5000Controller.kext out from System\Library\Extensions. 19.另外建議刪除上述目錄裡AppleIntelGMA*****.kext,AppleIntelHDGraphics*****.kext 以及AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext大約15個文件 Delete AppleIntelGMA*****.kext,AppleIntelHDGraphics*****.kext & AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext if necessary. *PCIRootUID=1may be needed if Chameleon hang --------------------------------------- Method for replacing bootloader: 1.Run Terminal 2.Type sudo cp + Space + "boot location" + Space + / It will be like this if you place your bootloader in "/Users/User/Downloads/" sudo cp /Users/User/Downloads/boot / ----- You are partly correct, here is the translation. 经过观察,我认为卡变色龙可能与主板BIOS有关。成功的三例是宏碁4745g和宏碁4820t,经查,都是insyde bios,同属宏碁的5740( hulinyun同学的本)却不行,它的BIOS是Phoenix,联想的y460(我的本),y560也不行,它们的BIOS也是Phoenix,另外hellozhangxin同学的dell inspiron 5010也是同样问题,它的bios是“戴尔 Inc A10“(鲁大师测得,不太常规)。所以说BIOS可能是关键,当然也可能纯粹是巧合。 如果确实与主板BIOS有关,可还有希望? After my observation, Chameleon hanging while loading may due to the problem of the BIOS. Notebook which 5650m work are Acer 4745g & 4820t they were all "insyde bios".However Acer 5740, Lenovo y460 y560 with Phoenix BIOS not working. dell inspiron 5010 with Dell Inc A10 were also not working. Sorry for poor english So, BIOS might be a factor contributing the work of 5650m.
  7. 26/2: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1645442 Recently a post was published at a chinese Hackintosh forum, here I just translate the topic for you The original post available here if you can read chinese http://bbs.pcbeta.com/thread-836915-1-1.html OK! Here is the things 1.This bootloader http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231768 2.Framebuffer "Nomascus" 3.GraphicsEnabler 4.ATI5000Controller.kext However, they did not mention whether we need to modify X3000.kext but it seems to be no, you can have a try baby He can get resolution of 1366x768, Dashboard effect, Transparent Menubar, QE/CI after do things above. Here are the evidences Hope you guys success =]
  8. For my HIS ATI Radeon HD 4650 512MB, VGA output only work with QE/CI when Framebuffer "Eulemur" used.
  9. Ati hd 4650 and mac os x retil snow leopard 10.6.4

    Is it the problem of the bootloader?
  10. Will my PC run OS X? That is the Question! :)

    Everything will be fine if you are not using AMD CPU =]
  11. Gigabyte HD 4550 512 VGA who has it working

    Do you have "ATI4500Controller.kext" installed? And please tell me your system version of Mac. This card should be working since 10.6.2.
  12. Sapphire ATI HD4650 1GB DDR2 and Snow Leopard 10.6.4

    Sure! I am the author of the chinese page. =] First, you need these file: Version 1.6.16 in 10.6.4 ATIRadeonX2000.kext ATIRadeonX2000GA.plugin ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver.bundle ATIRadeonX2000VADriver.bundle Version 1.6.6 in 10.6.2 ATI4600Controller.kext ATIFramebuffer.kext ATISupport.kext *You can check the kext version from version.plist. ====================================== Second, you need to add devid (0x94981002) to info.plist in these files. ATI4600Controller.kext ATIRadeonX2000.kext The info.plist after editing should be like this. <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x94981002</string> Then save it. ====================================== Third, you must modify your com.apple.Boot.plist by adding the command below: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> You may drop the com.apple.Boot.plist from \Extra to the desktop and edit it, if the file did not exist here, then it should be located in \Library\Preferences\SystemConfiguration ====================================== Fourth, move all the kexts above to \System\Library\Extensions\ You should delete those 7 kexts in \System\Library\Extensions\, and drop the modified kexts to \System\Library\Extensions\. After that, use kext utility or other possible method to repair permissions. ====================================== Reboot, and use -f -v command to load your Mac Anything should be working if you see ** Device in slot: SLOT-1 **. I use VGA port, dual monitor not tested. But I think it will be work if you can use dual monitor in 10.6.2. Sorry for my POOR English
  13. Sapphire ATI HD4650 1GB DDR2 and Snow Leopard 10.6.4

    Since Apple updated ATI drivers from 1.6.6 to 1.6.16 in Update 10.6.4, you need to replace some kext with a 10.6.2 one. You will have those files (ATIRadeonX2000.kext, ATIRadeonX2000GA.plugin, ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver.bundle and ATIRadeonX2000VADriver.bundle of version 1.6.16) after updated to 10.6.4. And please replace (ATI4600Controller.kext, ATIFramebuffer.kext and ATISupport.kext of version 1.6.6 in 10.6.2). I have uploaded those 10.6.2 kexts you need above. Don't forgot to add dev id (0x94981002) in those kext.
  14. Sapphire ATI HD4650 1GB DDR2 and Snow Leopard 10.6.4

    My friend! I have a solution for ATI HD 4650 with QE/CI on 10.6.4 (VGA) What you need are ATI4600Controller.kext, ATIFramebuffer.kext and ATISupport.kext in 10.6.2. ATIRadeonX2000.kext, ATIRadeonX2000GA.plugin, ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver.bundle and ATIRadeonX2000VADriver.bundle in 10.6.4. And the method to made this card work on 10.6.4 is same as 10.6.2, excluding the file above. I have a link that may helps you, however it was written in chinese. http://bbs.pcbeta.com/thread-750701-1-1.html Hope it may help you. 4650_10.6.2.zip