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  1. i know this is late post lol but can anyone send me a invite to demonaid so i can dl the update? Public registrations are closed right now.
  2. well i got os x to install and dual boot, but the problem is my mouse or keyboard wont work in OS X. I got a HP and Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard they wont work. So i hooked up a old acer keyboard and a ps/2 mouse and still didnt work.. any help?
  3. Hey guys, I'm currently a Windows XP User and im a gamer, I've been thinking about getting a macbook pro with 1 gig of ram and the x1800 graphics card. Would i get any lag while playing games? I play World Of Warctaft and Call Of Duty 2. Help would be possible i dont wanna get a mac and be stuck with horrible gameplay when i coulda bought like a alienware.