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  1. No ethernet

    Hej First please right down your PC spec secially MoBo,. Try boot with -v arch=i386
  2. Lion + Raid + Ahci

    thanks mm67. I gonna try it att home. Btw Is there a performance difference betwen those two controllers?ell EDIT Marvell controlell suck a bit I just reinstalled win 7 with Ahci
  3. Lion + Raid + Ahci

    Hello guys. I have luckly installed OsX Lion on my pc. But still i have some tweaks to do My PC specs are MoBo - Asus p8z68v - pro Cpu - i5 2500k <3 Ram - 8 MB vegenance @ 1600 Gpu - gfx 570 msi tf III (vendor id - 1086) HDD - 2*WD 650MB in RAID 0 for Win 7 -2 -*wd 160 for lion My problem is, when i set RAID in Bios for my win7 system, Lion dont boot. So every time i need to turn of RAID and set on AHCI for OsX Boot. It's weird because I was thinking that when I set raid in bios Non-raid disk should be in ahci mode. I can't install new lion because disk utility don't see my wd 160 disk but i dont know why. So maybe someone of you know the way to have RAID for win 7 and boot LION w/o changing bios setup every time i wanna boot to diffrent system. many thanks
  4. DSDT Auto patcher - Gone?

    Hello MaLd0n, I really appreciate if you help me with my Asus p5q-pro E8500 ati-5770. I have problems with lan, and sleep/wake up BR Jakub send_me.zip
  5. WiFi dlink 510 rev. C

    Hello guys. First of all i just wanna thanks for your great job with MacOs-PC, I found lots and lots great informations i was looking for on forum. I build my self PC-mac with SL 10.6.4 and it working great, almost I have p5q-pro, with intel 8500@4,24 4GB-1066, and xtx5770 and it working so nice and much faster than my MacBook. But i still have some problems i wanna to get fixed. First one is Sleeping, standby mode i cant get boot back from it. Second is my wifi pci card AirPlus G DWL- G510 rev.C. dont know how i can get to work it. So if some one can just show my right direction (link will be appreciated) i will be most greatful. Cheers and have a good day.