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  1. thanks micr0nf4. I absolutely needed iwork, and i successfully installed maosx on my eeepc. Small screen but at least is working. Next i'll try installing it on my desktop too. thanks
  2. Hi all, do you have some advices to install macosx on my asus a8n-e mobo? What distribution I have to use? I've tried ideneb 1.5 and Leo4all v.4.1 but i've got the tipical problem at the installation stage: "Still waiting for root device" What I have to do? I've yet tried the rd=diskXsY flag but it doesn't work... Now i'm downloading iPC 10.5.6. thanks
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    iPC 10.5.6 and ASUS A8N-E MOBO

    hi keepfrosty, have you installed any distribution on your desktop? I would like to install macosx on my PC, but I can't find a working distribution for my motherboard (a8n-e). I've tried iDeneb 1.5 (1.5.7) and Leo4all 4.1 AMD, but both stops the installetion process with this error "Still waiting for root device" I've tried the rd=diskXsY but it doesn't work. Now i'm dowloading Ipc 10.5.6, hoping it will works. Do you have some advices on the distribution to use on this mobo? thanks, saraceno
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