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    AMD dual graphics 6950 supported

    Any progress? I don't have build in graphics, is there a way to have hardware acceleration with two 6950's still?
  2. Hi.. Im reading all over the place that it can't be done, and some say they've got theirs working perfectly using various DSDT injections or kexts. Im talking about the 6950's and the infamous white screen. I can't find any information worth noting on how to get these things to work. I see some talking about device ID and such, but how do you get that to work? Some say kexts work if you set them up all right, but how do you set them up right? And what kexts do you need? No matter what I do I get the white screen or no boot at all.. Could someone pleeease sum things up? My setup is: Asus P6T SE i7 930 2xGigabyte 6950 2gb Thank you very much in advance..
  3. I got everything working up to the last step of 4 (adding back the ATI6000Controller.kext to extensionsfolder), when I rebooted I got the infamous white screen.. Now I can't seem to boot at all, not even with -x or GraphicsEnabler=No (had GE=No during the installation). I've got 2 HD6950 in crossfire with HD6970 bios, and when I checked the systemspecification when it was working it recognized two graphicscards (no info though, only that they were ATI's). I've seen this thread, how can I remove the ATI6000Controller and add the kexts from that thread? (http://www.insanelym...page__hl__ 6950) Also, Im dualbooting with windows 8. Thanks.. i7 930 Asus P6T-SE 12 gb ram 2x6950 Intel 520 180gb
  4. Hi! I have two HD6950 with 6970 bios in crossfire. Im thinking about making my PC a hackintosh, but I can't seem to find any info about the HDMI audio out on these cards.. Also, will I be able to run all 3 of my monitors (DP/DVI/HDMI)? I've just about finished my G5 ATX mod so it would be really nice to get these things running OS X. My complete rig is: Asus P6T SE i7 930 12 gb ram 2xHD6950 bios modded Intel 520 180gb 2x3tb drives Thanks in advance!
  5. mYrN

    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    What will my problem be then? :<
  6. mYrN

    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    I have some questions regardning this. I have two HD6950's running in CF, and three displays connected. One DP, one DVI and one HDMI. Will i be able to run all three monitors? And set them up as i would like? The DP and HDMI are 1920x1080 and the DVI is 1650x1050. Also, I get my audio from the HDMI port. Will that work with 5.1 audio in OS X?
  7. Will RAID0 be available soon? Would really want to get the most out of my 2 ssd's. Also, one of my harddrives can not be mounted. It's just grayed out in the diskutil. How do i fix ? It looks like people are only getting 2.0 sound, if i use optical will it be 5.1 then?
  8. mYrN

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Is there some way to get sound through the HDMI port on the GTX 470? I use it all the time but now i cant.. I got it working with a VoodooHDA kext (having boot problems with them), but is there a way to get 5.1 audio? Im a big moviewatcher and i would really suck if i would have to listen to stereo all the time.. Edit: Cant get 5.1 with optical, so im wating for anyone with some good news about 5.1 via hdmi with the gtx 470... :<
  9. Hi. I have the following setup: i7 930 Asus P6T SE 12 GB's of 1333 MHz (6x2gb) Geforce GTX 470 2x40 gb intel ssd's (currently in raid0) 2x2000 gb hitachi's 1x1000 gb samsung Soundblaster Audigy SE Netgear WG311T DVD reader I know that the mobo and graphics work, what i dont know is the following (and please be patient with me, i dont know alot about this..) * Does the graphics card support 2 screens? They are going to be connected via dvi. Once in a while i'll use hdmi, does the audio work via it? * Does RAID0 work with my SSD's? * Does my soundcard work? * Does my wireless networkcard work? * Will i be able to burn cd's and such? * Does dualboot with w7 work? Hope someone can answer my questions! Thanks in advance!
  10. mYrN

    HP 6510b Snow Leo Pack

    Has anyone using 6510b and standard wifi got wifi fully working with this pack?
  11. Has anyone using 6510b and standard wifi got wifi fully working with this pack?
  12. I can´t install the package, it says it couldnt be installed properly And how do i replace the boot file? It says it cant be replaced because its invisible. When i restarted i got a kernel panic How did you install retail? No bootloaders or such on the disk? Just put in the dvd and install it?
  13. Do you remember what you did exactly :'D?
  14. mYrN

    HP 6510b Snow Leo Pack

    Iv'e got sound working, not wifi, sleep and battery. Neither regonition of usbdrives work. What am i doing wrong? Ive installed the packs and the DSDT, and nothing of the above works..
  15. Do you have a 6510b and used this pack?