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  1. Compaq C500 FULLY FUNCTIONAL with iATKOS V7 10.5.7

    your going to have problems with it anyway i installed hackintosh again and it messed up my wifi card now im stuck with ubuntu and windows and the wifi on them dosent work im useing a lan cable now because it dosent work. but if your comitted just look around with googe many posts about. and just get 86osx tools comes in handy.
  2. Compaq C500 FULLY FUNCTIONAL with iATKOS V7 10.5.7

    i got a compaq c571nr and it works perfectly all except the horizontal and vertical scrolling and the touch pad is old and it acts up (nothing a trackball mouse cant fix) oh and to the question about wifi you need to have it turned on before you go and install iatkos. i had that problem. but if you cant get mac to even recognize it then you got a major problem or you didn't pick the right wireless drivers. but for me i had a 120gb hdd windows vista, i could switch back too. i just used the 80gb so i can test it. oh how did you get the video out to work?