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  1. Semthex's Propaganda

    wow, such drama! i used to be one of the bigger programmers in the osx86 scene up until mash reared his ugly head. it was pretty clear what his intentions were for the entire 'scene' when he begged people to refer him for his free macbook. i really don't know how people thought he gave a damn about the 'scene'. if you're interested just check my posting history. interesting, your {censored} forum won't let me respond to you're 'iceburn' so here you go: let's see: i showed maxxus what was necessary to make no-nx work properly, did quite a lot of work with EFI and helped jas out quite often. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/X86_software why not search my name and see how many ports i contributed it's all pretty stupid to try an prove a point when the people you're talking to are more ignorant than country hicks. i also find it hilarious you don't even remember who i was but hey money gets to everyone's head when they horde it. you know what i'd compare you to? zimaguy of ps2ownz. OH MY GOD I DO SO MUCH FOR THE SCENE! all you did was provide a site which anyone could do and then you cashed out on it. don't make me remind you of when you tried to aquire hackintosh's irc channel. what was my complaint to you? you probably forgot by now. i told you i knew you were going to sell the {censored} off eventually and guess what? looks like i was right. if you really gave two {censored} about the 'scene' you would've provided some funds towards projects that had a chance. also stop trying to say you did ANYTHING in the irc channel. i'm pissing my pants with laughter because i was one of the first ops in there. i left once your stupid admin shad got pig headed. the ONLY thing you ever did in the channel was post links to your latest post on your website and tell people to digg asap. you even forced me to register to digg.com to vote your stupid site up or i was going to get my ops removed. oh yeah remember your article you wrote up for the $200 mac? one of your first ones? who provided you the parts list? i'll give you a hint. the name starts with samp and ends with son. can't believe you forget your own contributors. seriously, {censored} you. i'm going to go throw up now.
  2. ZSnes intel build

    a group of people are working on porting zsnes to osx86. it works fairly well and is worth checking out. joystick code is still spotty here's a link to the ongoing forum discussion: http://board.zsnes.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.ph...asc&start=0 and to a place where you can get occasional builds: http://hectorchu.googlepages.com/ and a pic for good measure: (p4 2.66 gma900)
  3. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    fine by me. curious that mashugly didn't bother standing up for himself. whatever.
  4. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    i can be quite helpful when needed, i'm not a fan of people cashing out on a community. if you read that post you quoted about omni you'll see he turned down the idea of a mbp. he suggested some other things but it was purely a joke.
  5. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    sorry you never saw the irc channel because that was my primary access point. it WAS where all the developers hung out and swapped info on porting to intel arch. it was completely destroyed by shad because of his insane administration. there were *a lot* of digg referrals that mash pushed constantly in the channel. yeah, it's not on the forum but he's still representing osx86project in the irc channel and it still makes a bad name for him. if you had read my posts on your efi sub-forum you'd notice that we already tried what you're doing. there's no point in getting it to work, you would need the actual EFI code because you have to rebuild an entire EFI image and the intel EFI bootdisk doesn't have EFI fully implemented. on top of that once you remove efi from the kernel it's not needed. the reason the new kernels can't be used is because they have no acpi code in them. not because of efi. even if you could get them to run it wouldn't work because well, we don't have the same power management as core duo.
  6. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    r;c;p stop bandwagoning
  7. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    no, i'm upset that he did such a thing. you would never see me do something as low. i've been offered tons of free hardware over the course of my life in development and i've turned it all down. it's about the actual software. not freebies. it's one thing to ask people to digg a submission and it's another to make people register to a site they don't even visit to promote your web page. that's called SPAM. look at most any respected development community and you won't see their site plastered in ads with their admins begging you to give out their site. they have a paypal donate link where anyone can freely donate money towards the cost of the hosting required.
  8. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    then you must not pay much attention in his irc channel where he pastes digg links constantly begging everyone to digg it. even if they don't have an account, you better register because it needs to be on the front page!! shad/shade/shadenet whatever the f*** you want to call him. he fired off the entire staff because they were 'expendable'. guess what happened? the quality of this place dropped dramatically and the irc channel became a laughable place to go to because nobody worthwhile is there to help. sure, it's a great site. that's not the point handy in what way? give me 1 real reason how you getting a macbook improves this site. this just seems like a great way to make your users get you something for little-to-nothing. it seems more like a personal agenda then one that pertains to the osx86 community at all. ok 37k users, on average alexa says 9 million page views a day. we'll say each page is 4k due to image caching. according to my calculations, at 9 million page views the bandwidth consumed is at around 1.05GB. His site is hosted off of servermatrix. The cheapest dedi box is $99 a month and can easily handle the site load for this place. 9 million page views from adsense, well that's quite a lot of money. how about rather than abusing your influence on the community you come up with real suggestions that will promote it further? i have never once made a cent off anything i've ever done and never intend to. it's {censored} like this that gives hobbyist communities a bad name because of some greedy f***s. this is not 'giving back to the makers' at all. if that were true you would have suggested helping out some of the people that really deserve one like omni or anyone else that does actual work. instead you and mash decided to do this for yourself and won't allow anyone else the ability to spam their own macbook referrals on this site. truthfully i can't wait until after you finish your macbook because this place will be full of OMG GIVE ME A REFERRAL posts. it will be quite lol if you ask me.
  9. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    how about the fact that mashugly starts his site and hires up a 'staff' to run it for him. rarely is he seen, only asking people in the community to make articles for his site to which he requires everyone to digg and submit to slashdot. he never pays his staff any money he recieves from advertisements nor did he care about the horrible administration of shade. i fail to see how getting someone who runs a WEBSITE about a development community is going to further the development of osx86 at all. all osx patches are publically posted with changelogs. you don't have to have a macbook to be able to keep 'up to date' on apple stuff. hell, a lot of the people that do the development don't even USE osx. you can try and say that it costs a lot of money to run this site but truthfully, it doesn't. having been in the hosting business i know for a fact that it doesn't cost a 'metric f***ton' of money for a site unless you provide streaming content or are popular on the scale of fark or somethingawful.
  10. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    i have just as much reason to be on this board as you do. infact, i've actually contributed to this community quite a few times. search for me on the wiki or my post history in here. don't tell me where i do and don't belong, you obviously have no f***ing clue what's going on.
  11. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    sorry that i fail to see how providing random people in the world a new computer is really going to improve the state of osx since they do so much on the actual software.
  12. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    only if it comes with a side of french cries
  13. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    'deserve it' how about the people that actually DEVELOP and do REAL WORK on osx86? oh yeah i forgot people who push digg referrals so they can get more adsense tracking & slashdotting or mod a forum matters more doesn't it?
  14. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    i got a new laptop the other night myself. LOOK OUT GUYS HUGE THINGS COMING FOR THIS SITE FROM MY LAPTOP! oh wai still pukin [~Mash] I finally got the money for my MacBook Pro through the referrals! [~Mash] it was an experiment, and it worked! BRAAAAAAAAP also funny that the first 2 pages of submissions to this site are about running osx86 on non-apple hardware.
  15. Help Mashugly Get a MacBook Pro

    if i recall correctly the site was originally made as a common meeting ground for those who were running 10.4.1 illegally, not apple's switch.