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  1. la0011

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Thanks xtdd, how did you enable discrete graphics in dsdt? Can you share your dsdt/sdt and config.plist? Nothing I tried so far has worked ...
  2. la0011

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Thanks jus12, I'll try disabling Intel injection, I don't think I tried that yet. SMBIOS is set to 10.1 as well. But still, maybe you can share some more information. Did you set Bios to Discrete only or to Optimus? What DSDT are you using? Are you using the kexts provided here for the T420? Intel Backlight kext for example? Maybe you can share your DSDT and config.plist? I tried Nvidia Web drivers, but after restart I can't even open the Cconrol panel. Might be a seperate problem though. Which driver version is it you are using?
  3. la0011

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hi jus12, if I get your posts right, you have Sierra running with Nvidia and built-in display. Do you think you can share your settings (DSDT, config.plist, bios settings, EDID, display overrides, kext used)? I'm running a W520 myself and only get a black screen when booting with discrete only. Thanks!
  4. @lukerus1 You didn't get the black screen when using ACPIBacklight.kext? Interesting ... I get that slider as well, probably because I patched PNLF in DSDT. And just like in your case, it doesn't do anything. Remains to be solved I guess.
  5. I got what you meant, just in my case it doesn't work properly without NVCAP. Probably due to different cards. Searched for brightness control in El Capitan, but didn't find much. This could be a starting point, maybe it's all about finding a proper DSDT patch ... ********* On a side note, just leaving Inject Intel on in Clover works as well. Then by switching to Optimus in Bios, you get the whole thing working with HD3000. No need to change anything in Clover. When I don't need the Quadro, this can come in handy. Ahhh, sorry for the bad link. Will try to find something else ...
  6. That's exactly how I#m doing it now, Nvidia offizcial drivers, no ACPIBacklight.kext Notebook screen and external monitor and the same time only works with this NVCAP value, and without it the scren wouldn't come up immediately, so I'm keeping it Now we need a way to control LCD backlight ... and maybe improved fan control, mine is always on.
  7. Success! Thanks a bunch lukerus1! Uninstalled nvdida web drivers, repaired permissions and rebuilt kext cache again, and voila, I got the external screen to work. Reboot with only LCD, after hitting fn-f4, my thinkbook very briefly goes to sleep and wakes up again, with the LCD working. So Intelbacklight must have been the problem. Very interesting. I went back to using my DSDT and reinstalled nvidia web drivers. Behaviour is the same, Official driver seems to work a little better. I then had a look at NVCAP, and found this one to work: 0501010100000100fc1f0000000001070a000000 Immediate picture on LCD, external monitor works plug 'n play. Very cool, can't thank you enough lukerus! I'm testing Rehabman's ACPIBacklight now and will report back. UPDATE: ACPIBacklight messes things up again, also gives AppleLPC errors. Strange.
  8. Removed IntelBacklight, updated cache, still the same story. I will try with your DSDT again. Who knows ...
  9. Hi lukerus1, thanks for helping and taking the time to reply. Good hint with Intelbacklight, I'll give that a try. It switches to a black screen after a while, before that I see error messages regarding AppleLPC (PM seems to work though), then nothing happens for a bit and the boot process seems to be finished. Usually I get messages regarding WLan (channles blablabla) before the screen turns black. I did reset my BIOS to defaults, just to make sure there's nothing weird going on there. Of course I changed relevant settings back to what they should be (AHCI, Discreet Graphics, VT-d). I did extract the EDID for my screen a while back and been using that since. Tried yours, too. Also tried external monitor and sleep/wake before, with the same result.
  10. Hmmm, still comes up with a black screen. Is there anything Nvidia related in your DSDT? I tried both yours and my one, no difference. Just curious if the "magic" is just in the SMBIOS settings in config.plist. What screen do you have? Is it FHD as well? And which Bios version are you using? Thanks! PS Getting a bunch of LPC errors during boot, which FakeSMC.kext do you use?
  11. Thanks lukerus1, I assume you've set Optimus to Discreet only and Nvidia Web Driver is selected via Control Panel / NVRAM? Will give it a try later today!
  12. Hi lukerus1, can you post your DSDT/config.plist/smbios ? I'm in the same boat, W520 with Quadro 2000M and black screen issue ...