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  1. I actually would like to run my apps from my mac as well. I do not see why apple does not offer an emulator for this. It is very useful for making instruction videos and also some apps you would like to run on your computer as well. So this is a step in the right direction. Best would be if we could emulate iPhone and iPad on our computers.
  2. can you offer a theme option with fixed width for the forum? on big screens the text is a little too long to be read easily. or is there somewhere where I can choose another theme setting?
  3. As you can see in my signature, I went and bought the very cheap PCI-e TPlink WN781N - only works for b + g networks so far, but native airport with kext install - see here for instructions: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1545678 Works nicely. I did not want to have any ralink driver in the background and the PCI-E to MINI Adapter with a original compatible card like in the Macbook series, is pretty expensive and I did not need to have N anyway on my WIFI. But if you have N at work or you use your hackintosh in a N network this one is not for you.
  4. thank you very much for your information regarding this wlan pci card, this has worked fine. i have the same PCI-e TPlink WN781N card which was pretty cheap and airport works nice with this kext. also I would like to know, whether it is possible to use this with the proposed N speed at 150 MBit/s instead of the current G speed at 54 MBit/s ?!
  5. Thanks for the advice, but the ASUS WL-138G V2 is not N compatible... Also it seems hard to find this card nowadays, at least where I am from... Anyone else got something?
  6. Please advise which wifi pci card is the best for my desktop hackintosh and has: - wireless n support - works out of the box (if possible without any additional kexts) - 32 & 64 bit support I have been browsing the forums and so far I have only found this (but it has only g speed and is a USB stick: TP-Link TL-WN321G that reportedly supports 64 bit natively). Thanks!
  7. Thanks, I have read that before too, while searching for a solution. I will try this one more time (deleting all pairs, before trying to connect the Keyboard again. Otherwise I am going for a Apple USB Keyboard ;-) Only thing is that I did not unpair from hackintosh before pairing again with my MacBook Pro and it worked there after restart (at least I think so, not 100% sure). I will post my results.
  8. SuperDuper! has been my favourite for a long time and my backup for SL worked the first time perfectly. The great thing about it is, that you can smart backup your harddrive which will only copy modified files to the backup drive. I have one backup partition on my secondary Harddrive for my SSD main install drive and I can test out new settings there perfectly without having to worry if I get some Kernel Panic. I will just log into the main install and reverse the changes. Highly recommended tool and the price is very reasonable for what it achieves. Frequent updates (free!) too...
  9. Hi, I am having a problem with my Apple Wireless Keyboard: It used to pair without a problem with my Macbook Pro. Now when I install it using my new hackintosh, it will pair up with no problem, but after a restart it will not automatically connect. I have to press "Connect" and then enter a Key code on my USB Keyboard and the Apple Wireless Keyboard (white model from around 2006) to connect again. Can someone advise me what to do? I tried setting it as a favourite, and turning Bluetooth to "visible". I could pair it up under Windows 7 and it worked even after a restart, but after I added it in SL it obviously reset some setting and would not work again... Bluetooth Adapter is by DELOCK (see my signature) and should work OOB referring to the OSX86 WIKI site. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. semipro

    Wo am besten die Hardware kaufen?

    Sleep geht auch nicht. Habe Kakewalk benutzt um SL zu installieren. Wie hast du Sleep zum laufen bekommen? Mit dem Tutorial von d00d? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=196771 Bluetooth Adapter sollte aber eigentlich gehen. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...her_Accessories Ich habe ihn jetzt auch unter Windows 7 einmal getestet, hier tritt seltsamerweise das selbe Problem auf, dass nach einem Neustart die Tastatur nicht erkannt wird. Bei meinem Macbook Pro wird Sie auch nach einem Neustart ohne Probleme gepairt.
  11. semipro

    Wo am besten die Hardware kaufen?

    Kurzes Update: Hat alles super geklappt. Läuft schnell und gut. Muss nur noch die Fixes von D00D mit dem Powermanagement mal durchgehen. SL funktioniert aber 100%. Habe dann doch noch eine SSD als Systemplatte genommen, die Versuchung war zu groß :-) Ein Problem gibt es noch: Mein Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth) wird zwar in SL erkannt und funktioniert auch, allerdings ist es nach einem Neustart nicht verfügbar, es wird zwar angezeigt, aber als getrennt. Klicke ich nun auf verbinden, klappt es nicht. Ich muss auf "Bluetooth Gerät konfigurieren" klicken und es neu hinzufügen, damit es wieder funktioniert. Mein Bluetooth Adapter ist: DELOCK Bluetooth Adapter V2.1 + EDR - laut WIKIOSX86 sollte dieser komatibel out of the box sein, er funktioniert mit meiner Bluetooth Maus zum Beispiel auch tadellos, das keyboard geht ja eigentlich auch, nur wird die Einstellung anscheinend vergessen oder er kann sich nicht konnektieren?! Für Hilfe bei dem Problem wäre ich sehr dankbar. Vielen Dank für die Beratung hier. Ach ja, ich hab mir das System von Alternate zusammenbauen lassen, und bin im Nachhinein sehr froh darüber, wenn ich die ganzen Kabel sehe... ;-) Bin Hardwaretechnisch nicht so der Megacrack.
  12. semipro

    Kext´s for Nvidia GTS250?

    This worked for me using a MSI GTS 250 TWIN FROZR with Dual DVI (which were and now are after applying this fix correctly displayed inside the System Profiler, did not test a Dual Screen though) QE and CL worked before just by using the Kakewalk Install, but now the graphics card shows up correctly in the System profiler. I am not sure if this method will bring any performance increase?! Anybody knows this? Be sure to edit the com.apple.Boot.plist inside the Extras Folder. First I edited the wrong one inside Library/Preferences/System Configuration and this did not change anything. I am using Kakewalk as I said which utilizes Chameleon RC4.
  13. thanks for the advice Eric - i will do that! other than that I am not sure whether to go with another Motherboard supporting 1366?! I am currently running a Macbook Pro 2.16 Core Duo with 2GB RAM as my main computer, so I guess the current configuration should be plenty fast for my needs as a web designer. on the other hand faster is always better :-) I only rarely play games and especially not shooter games, so I am not really interested in the fastest graphics card or processor, but I would like to run my applications like Photoshop as fast as I need and that has been a problem with bigger file sizes for posters etc. in the past. The only thing that would be of a special interest would be maybe to get a SSD drive to speed up boot up and application launches. Can someone give me some feedback on this - is it worth it. I would buy myself a 32 or 64 GB SSD drive just to run the OS and my most needed applications and leave the rest on another drive. Should I also go with two different hard drives or is it enough to have one drive with partitions for OS X and Windows (just used for testing browsers and gaming)? Thanks for your input so far, as soon as I get my hardware I will write if everything works out fine.
  14. semipro

    Wo am besten die Hardware kaufen?

    das ist meine neueste Konfiguration, die etwas günstiger ist, aber dennoch relativ leistungsstark sein sollte. http://www.alternate.de/html/tu.html?sc=116700615 Bekomme ich mit dem Board LAN zum laufen oder brauche ich noch eine extra Netzwerkkarte (wenn ja, welche?). Danke für die Hilfe!