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  1. sleep ain't working for me... I had to go and buy brand new pants cause I couldnt get them to the previous state. THANKS nicheljd!! Your kext works as a charm!
  2. If that's gonna work, I swear I'm gonna f*ckin' {censored} my pants! Cheers, mentorek
  3. Hi Jazz, I've used SnowOSX distro to instal SL. Then I've put IOPCIFamily from leo (Eureka's kext), AppleHDA from clubber_77, had changed SMC plugin kext to get speedstepping (smbios.plist is vital over here), VoodooBattery to get the battery meter, NVkush to get nvidia working. I think DSDT.aml is a must! And Chameleon RC3 of course. The rest remained unchanged (AFAIR). Good luck! mentorek
  4. Hi guys, I've installed the SnowOSX (or whatever it's called) distro on my Tosh. Works OK. There are a few issues though: There are some bugs/issues with display drivers (nVidia) - I get white stripes blinking for half a second or so. Not all the time. It happens when using OpenGL or other gpu/cpu intensive functionalities (esp. watching movies). The method to update DSDT using mitch_de's application is not an option for me. It just kills my audio - maybe I should start using AppleHDA from SL? I cannot make my touchpad to work with tapping on it. Moving cursor around works flawlessly, tapping - no go. Any suggestions? Very long shutdown/reboot procedure - screen gets dark but Tosh is not going down for another 2-5 minutes! For some reason my Bluetooth started to work with SL. I don't know why but it is present after each reboot. BTW. is 10.6.1 update safe for our machines? That's all for now. cheers, mentorek
  5. mentorek

    Does Focusrite Saffire works on hackintosh?

    Saffire works for me (TI FW chip), but CPU usage goes really high up.
  6. I'll try to locate the .8 XT dir tomorrow. No I'm not on OSX at all. Went back to Windows - at first XP, now running 7 - I have to say it's working perfect. I consider going back to OSX for some time in coming weeks as I plan to restart my ObjC development. BTW. If you happen to know a good Snow installation guide, feel free to send me a link or two cheers, mentorek
  7. Hi BugsB, It was working for me flawlessly. Before I got 10.5.8 I think I had cleaned up my Extensions folder to remove all the {censored} that doubles (decryptors, injectors etc.) I might try to look for my Extensions folder zipped somewhere if you're interested. Cheers, mentorek
  8. You have to be able to use all EFI/NVRAM kexts (watch out for Disabler.kext). I got rid of this error message but still had firewire issues using TI chipset, and kernel_task process was using much more CPU time when using firewire equipment. cheers, mentorek
  9. Another update: What I have found out today is that my speakers are willing to play! At least for a fraction of a second. When unplugging headphones there is always a bit of sound coming out of the speakers. I have had a look at codec dump, it seems that NodeIDs are set up correctly in Info.plist but there is still one bit missing somewhere. I thought that maybe codec verbs or pinconfigurations... Any ideas? // PinConfiguration look like a cosmetic thing allowing proper data to be shown in SysPreps but who da hell knows for sure... // So far the HP jack and Mic jack are working, Internal speakers are kind of partial, no line-in jack as of yet.
  10. Well, those bioses were working fine for me and I've got P100-217. The BIOSes are all the same for US/Euro models. Keep in mind that the downgrade might not work from XP/Vista itself but only when you will use a bootable CD. Toshiba is known for not letting people to downgrade easily. Be careful! As this could easily damage you lappy!
  11. I might still have that one somewhere. If you have used any further BIOS versions do not count on any luck getting your GPU fan to work outside of MS Windows. BIOSES 1.7, 2.1 and 2.4 on [RS] Good luck! mentorek
  12. I had swapped Intel to Atheros based card by Gigabyte. Working flawlessly! Don't matter if using 1gig (2x512MB) or 4 gigs (2x2gigs).
  13. Small howto: Prerequisites: OSX 10.5.7, No Disabler.kext, DSDT.aml, some software to check CPU temperature and frequency (I have used Hardware Monitor) 0. REMEMBER ABOUT BACKUPS!!! Use this guide at your own risk, I do not take any responsibility for any harm for you and/or your hardware or any inconvenience caused by following this guide. 1. Install Chameleon 2 RC2 2. Create smbios.plist file in /Extra folder (use mine as reference) 3. Edit Info.plist in /System/Library/Extensions/IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext/Contents 4. Find a key PLimitDict and add two nodes as follows: <key>MacBookPro1,1</key> <integer>0</integer> Note: MacBookPro1,1 should have to match your SMproductname from smbios.plist (see step 1). 5. Clear the Extensions caches and touch Extensions folder (I used to do this by hand but recently I've went back to OSX86Tools app with excellent results). 6. Reboot your machine and check if your fans and speedstep are working. Enjoy! smbios.plist.zip
  14. Slightly off topic: I have managed to get speedstep and fans running without VoodooPower.kext! What I did was a change in smbios.plist from MacbookPro4,1 to MacbookPro1,1. (you will have to use Chameleon/EFI10 to use smbios.plist). Make sure that you have ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin loaded. (Disabler.kext might prevent it to be loaded). At the moment I'm running my Tosh with ca. 64 deg. C on both cores (when idle) and 1000 MHz and going up when needed. I know that the temperature is still a bit high... maybe there is a room for improvement. What I've just noticed is that when I plug in my FireWire hardware the CPU clock goes up to 2gigs and hardly ever goes down to 1gig... I still don't know how those two might be related - I thought that FireWire should not use CPU power. Anyway, it's a nice thing to have speedstep and fans running. Maybe you will be able to use this to enable yours.
  15. In this case you can always boot with DSDT=whateveryouwant.aml boot option and do the magic you want. And the jitter problems - I advise you to create your own DSDT. Use DSDTPatcher and correct the lines that might still be a problem and compile the file yourself. There is a big chance that each DSDT has some specific parts of code here and there that might cause your lappy to behave unstable. I cannot test PCMCIA slot as I haven't any hardware using it anymore. For me, it's still a mystery how is it possible to boot OSX without Disabler.kext on Toshiba. EDIT #1: Looks like the RC2 of Chameleon fixes that issue. I can now boot without Disabler.kext. I will try out iPC during the weekend. EDIT #2: Never happened. Hopefully it will allow me to enjoy firewire connection at full speed... EDIT #3: Using all NVRAM kexts didn't change a thing as it's supposed to, but... "full-secure" warning went away!