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  1. Having trouble with iAtkos S3 V2... I already have iAtkos 7 installed and I wanted to upgrade. Everytime I boot to the disc and get to the Install screen, all of the Customize options are marked as Zero KB (as shown in the attached picture) I've tried different sets of options numerous times, all with errors in the end. I've seen screenshots of other's install screens and it seems like the options shouldn't say "0 KB". Is this a burn problem? I've burned 3 discs, all at low speeds, all with the same result. If anybody knows what the problem is and can help I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!
  2. Force screen resolution

    SwitchResX - Google it, it will fix your problems.
  3. Thanks so much for the guide! It worked and I now have OSX on my computer! I have 2 major problems however. 1 - I have no sound 2 - I dont have AirPort I followed your instructions to the T and I'm assuming because of the fact that you said to select Sound-None and there was no Networking customization in the Customize section that this may be why I have these 2 problems. If anybody can help me to get these 2 things working that'd be great, hopefully it's not too hard. I am pretty noobish at this so as detailed as you can possibly be would be great lol. Thanks again for the tut!