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  1. GMA950 on 10.6.8

    That was it. Used the IntegratedFramebuffer that was working on 10.6.3 (Patched for 27ae) and the AppleIntelGMA950 from 10.6.8 (Also patched for 27ae, and by patched i mean added on the Info.plist). Thanks! Always tought that those two should be of same OS version...
  2. GMA950 on 10.6.8

    I pushed my Vaio W120AL to 10.6.3 and worked great with some kexts and a patcher found here (and adding a kextload fot the AppleIntelGMA950.kext on rc.common). Now i went to 10.6.8 and used the same kexts (and the patcher) and i get full resolution + QE/QI but the grpahics are all glitchy (IE: menu bar transparent, glitched graphics, wrong shadows, etc). I have now changed to a set of kexts from a zip called GMA950 v3.6.3 (that supposedely works with 27AE) and used the patcher that i had for the earlier kexts. This resulted on a Gray Screen on the inner display and i'm guessing that the external display can be used. So, i'm going to remove this patched kexts and re-add the 3.6.3 ones to see what happens. But first i'll try removing the kextload from rc.common or try pointing it to the patched kext (27aeAppleIntelGMA950.kext) and see what happens... Anyways, anyone knows another solution? And anyone can send me the vanilla 10.6.8 GMA950 and IntegratedBuffer kexts? Thanks in advanced!
  3. Hope for AR5007EG?

    ar5b91, thats my atheros card. I cant get it working. The PID/VID is 168c,002b. I replaced that on AtherosFix.kext and no luck. Airport wont pick it up. I'm going crazy. I'm even gonna buy a wireless usb broadcom .
  4. Ya funciona Atheros AR5006 106C,001C (con truco)

    Instale todo lo relacionado con los drivers 5006, pero nada. Kismac no engancha nada... un bajon. Alguien sabe algo? Tengo una Vaio W. No me anda ni wifi ni ethernet . Que placa usb recomiendan?
  5. Snow on Sony Vaio W netbook Anyone?

    I've installed iDeneb 1.4. No ethernet nor wifi. Bluetooth works, sound works, mousepad and keyboard works. Screen resolution is 1024x600. No QE/CI. Will try iatkos v7 today.