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  1. Can this be used to turn an OS X partition into the guest? In a little more detail: I have a MacBook Pro with a Snow Leo partition, Lion, and Win7. When in Snow Leo can i use this 'unlocker' to make the VM treat the Lion partition as the guest? (similar to what vmware/parallels does to make a win bootcamp partition the guest)
  2. Hi, I have three partitions on my macbook pro: Snow Leo, Lion and Win7 I want to migrate my snow leo to lion but only specific files etc and was thinking of solutions of how to go about this with ease. My solution i want to try is to be running Snow leo and have the lion partition active as the guest in a vm (so similar to how vmware/parallels can make the win bootcamp partition the guest. I have tried google-ing however I cant find what i am looking for I know this may be a long shot as the bootcamp vm guest thing took a while for the developers to perfect but does anyhone have any ideas/answers? (I'm on a macbook pro, so hopefully slightly less complicated or less likely to see issues than if i was on a hackintosh) Short version: When booted in Snow Leopard can i have a VM of my Lion Partition running as the guest? (or vice versa; lion and snow leo partition in VM)