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  1. Hackintosh Mac Server

    Hello I have 3 fully working hackintosh machines but now I want a mac server. Is this possibly with these hardware and would i be fast enough? I currently have a freenas server running on this hardware GIGABYTE GA-D510UD microITX m. onboard Atom D510 2 GB Ram Freenas os running on a flash drive ( through a IDE to Flashdrive converter, if this was possibly with mac it would be cool, if not I will use SATA or IDE) I have data drives in SATA. Anyone tried making a mac server? and maybe on a atom ? Looking forward to your reponds Ferrari_man
  2. Hello ... I was wondering if this guide would work on a Asus eee box B204. I am able to buy one fairly cheap, but don't want to if it is a big problem with Bios setting/flash and so on Anyone tried other models then B202 (the reason why I don't like the B202 is that it only has DVI and 1600x1200)
  3. Hello, hope someone can help me. Iam trying to install Snow leopard on my dell m1330 but I have some trouble with it. I don't have much experience with apple, but have tried installing ideneb on my desktop without problems. I have tried using superhai proboot iso'er (all five of them) but I get an error. I boot with one of superhai's iso's and swithes to a snow leopard dvd then this happens. Anyone know what to do? EDIT: Just tried with iAtkos v7 and had the same problem EDIT2: Tried with ideneb and with Snow leopard (without the proboot) and here I get an error very fast saying " IOAPIC Version 0x20 Vectors 0:23" My setup is: 1 XPS M1330 CORE 2 DUO T5750 2.00GHZ, 667, 2 1 13.3" WXGA (1280X800) WHITE-LED DISPLAY 1 BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT READER 1 TUXEDO BLACK & 0.3 MEGA PIXEL CAMERA FOR 1 DANISH SHIP ACCESSORIES - POWER CORD 1 DANISH DOCUMENTATION XPS M1330 1 RESOURCE DVD XPS M1330 - (DIAGNOSTICS & 1 4 GB (2 X 2048 MB) DUAL CHANNEL DDR2 SDR 1 HARD DRIVE 250GB SERIAL ATA (5400RPM) 1 8XDVD+/-RW SLIM SLOT-LOAD DRIVE, INCLUDI 1 PRIMARY 9-CELL 85WHR LI-ION BATTERY 1 NO CARRYCASE REQUIRED 1 128 MB NVIDIA GEFORCE 8400M GS 1 MODEM NOT INCLUDED 1 INTEL? NEXT-GEN WIRELESS-N MINI-PCI CARD 1 EUROPEAN - DELL TRUEMOBILE 355 INTERNAL