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  1. DSDT Auto patcher - Gone?

    Hello MaLd0n, Could you please help me with DSDT for Dell Latidute E6220 notebook and Dell optiplex 990 desktop? Dell Latitude E6220: Intel i5-2520M sandybridge CPU 4GB RAM Intel QM67 chipset. Intel HD3000 integrated video. NIC Intel 82579LM Dell Optiplex 990: Intel i5-2500 sandybridge CPU 8GB RAM Intel Q67 chipset. Intel HD2000 integrated video. NIC Intel 82579LM Unmodified DSDT's are extracted with DSDT Editor on Win7. Thank you in advance! Dell_Latitude_E6220.zip Dell_optiplex_990.zip
  2. Hi, Thanks for you hard work, Mute works on Snow Leopard also
  3. Hi, Tested Aureon Space volume control on new installed Snow Leopard 10.6.2, and can confirm - it works Actually to make the driver work on my system, I had to remove AppleHPET.kext. Now just one wish left - could you please add MUTE support ? And thank you very much once again for this driver!!!
  4. Thanks, some small donation should be already on your PayPal account
  5. Hello audiodriverwriter, Is there any chance to get analog Volume control for Aureon Space 7.1 cards. It is just only problem that stopping me to switch to MAC completely. Maybe some donation can help to solve this problem?
  6. Hello audiodriverwriter, Is there any chance to get Terratec Aureon Space (Audiotrak 7.1) output volume control? Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi audiodriverwriter, USB problems gone , thank you! ______________________ Aureon Space (Prodigy 7.1)
  8. @Gbone As you can see from the link that you provided, Prodigy 7.1 HIFI is not the same as Prodigy 7.1 Only Aureon Space 7.1, Sky 5.1 and Prodigy 7.1 can be treated as the same cards.
  9. @audiodriverwriter Thank You!!! for writing this driver!
  10. Hello Audiodriverwriter, Tested yours drivers with Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 and it works! Tested stereo and multichannel audio. You will say that it should not work, but I did the old trick - by writing EEPROM data of Terratec Aureon Space 7.1 to Prodigy 7.1 Actually hardware are almost identical, only Prodigy 7.1 have coaxial S/PDIF outputs/inputs instead of optical outputs on Space 7.1 About the problems, I don't know way, but after your driver is loaded, some USB ports (front panel) stops working, after your kext is unloaded, USB ports starts working again. I think you can safely add Prodigy 7.1 to supported card list, EEPROM content of Prodigy 7.1: Offset#0=45; Offset#1=53; Offset#2=49; Offset#3=33; Offset#4=78; Offset#5=78; Offset#6=78; Offset#7=78; Offset#8=45; Offset#9=47; Offset#A=4F; Offset#B=53; Offset#C=59; Offset#D=53; Offset#E=FF; Offset#F=FF; Offset#10=FF; Offset#...=FF; Offset#1F=FF;