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  1. iOSX86

    iOS --> operative system of iPod iPhone iPad OSX86 --> operative system made for x86 pc hardware architecture iOSX86 --> does not exist
  2. Just Some Greetings

    now that i make some presentation .. how can i create new topic to sell the hackPRO ???

    eccoci .. ma ce la farò entro sera a pubblicare un Topic in cui vendere il mio HackPRO XD è da mezz'ora che madonnno e non ho ancora capito .. mi son prensentato nella sezione inglese .. ora qui .. alè ..
  4. Just Some Greetings

    New member of forum .. but not for this not experienced in osx Owner of a Hack Pro made in a original Mac Pro case Owner of MacBook PRO 15 and 27" iMac I'm a photographer in spare time I am a programmer for an international business See ya all
  5. i've downloaded the file .. i unzip it .. and now i have the raw kext file on the desktop .. how can i install it ? Sorry but i'm a new of kext installation
  6. Hi all, I have a EP45T-UD3LR Intel Q8400 GTS250 1GB 1 HDD 500GB with dual boot OSX kakewalk and Win 7 Ultimate When i'm running windows my cpu is 37° (Celsious) when idle and 60° playing full screen Call Of Duty When i'm running OSX my CPU is 55° IDLE ! and is 80 ° on full load (Rendering 1080p film) WHY IS HACKINTOSH RUNNING SO HOT ?