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  1. Hello All, Does anyone have a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext for a Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 MB they can share? I'm having challenges with my Corsair Link waking my rig up from sleep within 2-3 seconds after it "goes under". Thanks! Lam
  2. lambusser

    Parrallels... will it work.

    se1zure, Parallels works perfectly on OSx86. I'm using the latest Beta (Beta 3 Build 3106) and it is very stable. Lambusser
  3. lambusser

    Natit for dual graphics cards?

    Hello all, Is there anyone who could try recompiling Natit with a few changes in order to inject the correct values for the second card? Thanks, Lambusser
  4. lambusser

    Natit for dual graphics cards?

    One interesting note... It turns out that I cannot boot correctly with the X1900GT/6600GT combo without a modified Natit Info.plist. The two x1900GT monitors are black but I can't see anything. Nothing on the 6600GT adapter either. I did get that combo to boot before but I did it by changing the @0's/@1's to @2's/@3's in the Natit Info.plist (in the NVidia section of the file). This let the X1900GT load perfectly (full acceleration) and let the NVidia kext's load, but I had nothing on the monitor connected to the 6600GT. With the two x1900GT's in this is not the case. The primary card works fine, and the second card is as I stated in the previous post. I've attached my ioreg dump and Natit Info.plist with the x1900GT and 6600GT installed. I've included the screenshots of the System Profiler for the two cards as well. Lambusser ioreg_with_x1900GT_and_6600GT.txt Info.plist.txt
  5. lambusser

    Natit for dual graphics cards?

    Hello all! I'm also on the 'quest' to get two PCIe cards working. I've tried the following permutations all using three DVI-connected monitors (two on the primary X1900GT and one on the primary DVI port on the second adapter--see below). I'm running OSx86 10.4.8 with the latest SSE3 Semthex kernel on a SD37P2. Two Sapphire X1900GT (newer ones) The first X1900GT card is working perfectly (using Natit_edited)--both DVI ports are perfect...full acceleration. The second X1900GT appears on System Profiler but doesn't show the "VRAM" line and nothing under "Displays:". One Sapphire X1900GT and a Nvidia PNY 6600GT (128MB,Dual DVI) As above, the first X1900GT card is working perfectly (again using Natit_edited)--both DVI ports are perfect...full acceleration. Replacing the second X1900GT with a 128MB Nvidia 6600GT doesn't work either. All Nvidia kext's are loaded, and there is no "VRAM" line in System Profiler and nothing under "Displays:". I would like to try to get both of the X1900GT's working if that's possible. It would be nicer when I boot into (native) WinXP (single video driver, etc.) If it is easier to use the X1900GT and the 6600GT I could live with that Please let me know what anyone would like me to run on my system for debugging. Lambusser