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  1. I agree. I saw the nice red warning when I joined, but other may not have for whatever reason. The error message that you get if you didn't read the new rule (or forgot that it applied) is far too generic. It needs to give a reason.
  2. It's a different device for a different type of use. Yes it would look wierd held up to your ear whilst making a phone call and it certainly would not fit in your back pocket. However I don't think that is what it is intended for. It's more useful for viewing large amounts of data or for multi user use. It's obvious that Apple see it as a Kindle killer, but there are plenty of other applications. Web browsing would be such a more pleasurable experience. No more continually scrolling around the page, zooming in and out to find the relevant part of the page. Even gaming would be improved. Imagine an iPad sat in the middle of a table showing cards laid down by players and each player has an iPod touch with their own hand of cards. Or how about the iPad showing and arena of fighting creature controlled by individual iPod Touches. Even business application would see it as a useful device. You could have it sat in the middle of a desk showing a presentation that everyone around the desk could interact with. Try doing that with a laptop. Those that just think of the iPad as an iPod touch for people with large hands are not thinking laterally enough.