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  1. Cant boot even the disc

    ive been trying for about 24 hours to instal osx 10.6.2 on my computer(specs to follow) but everytime i boot my dvd that i downloaded, it either gives me a still waiting for root device error or it gives me a kernel panic(when booted with rd=disk0)...although i was able to boot once with the busratio=20 and cpus=1 flags so i know the disc works but now those flags just give me a still waiting etc I really want to install it so i can make a full 100% switch over to the mac envirnment but i cant afford ANY mac available specs: Processor: AMD Athlon x2 3800+ 2.0ghz hdd: 1TB sata drive and 230 GB sata drive dvd drive: not sure, i think its ide vid card: ATI Diamond radeon HD 4670 1GB ddr3 sound card: ac'97 keyboard: Logitech G15 mouse: Microsoft wireless notebook mouse 3000 (i have a desktop btw just my parents went the cheaper way for a mouse) Distro.: Hazard Snow Leopard 10.6.2 also if you could tell me the right customization for kexts to use
  2. need some help from some smarter people :p

    ugh you all are lucky xDD you can have osx able to install
  3. How can Apple make gaming better?

    good luck xDD maybe just pay mirosoft to make a version of directx for mac
  4. yup there sure is, go into the iphone section on the left of your itunes screen, click it, click the applications tab in the middle screen, thats where it is i dont have itunes installed right now so if im a little off, im sorry...i had to reinstall windows cus when i finally got osx86 to boot the installer it screwed up at the end ... but that doesnt matter...
  5. Someone stole my iphone ... what now !?

    lol you probably have this solved already but for those searching on google or sumthing, call your provider and ask for a gps location thats what happened to my uncle when his actual gps got stolen, and it worked for that...why wouldnt it work for a phone
  6. iPhone vs iPod Touch

    i suggest getting a touch but if you also want to use the webs on the go, then you probably would be better off getting an iphone with a cheap data plan :l i've had an ipod touch for a long time now and it is all i need, i wouldnt mind having the internet wherever i go, but it seems to expensive to me