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  1. Installation on Zotac Mag

    Hi... several months ago i tryed to install OSX with no success. Now i want to re-try. I have the OSX Leopard 10.6 DvD Install Retail (6.2 Gb) and i try to install it with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] CD with no success. Before it i have tryed several distribuitions of OSX. I have change the wi-fi cards with one OSX compatibile. Can anyone guide me in the installation process ?? What iso do you install ?? what's hardware functionally ?? Best Regards
  2. Installation on Zotac Mag

    Can anyone help me with the audio ALC888 chip i have posted pictures up ?!? I have the audio and the power off not working at now. Please... Regards
  3. Installation on Zotac Mag

    Hallo i have installed with a first boot fine Snow Leopard Hazard 10.6.0 without update to 10.6.1 or 10.6.2. If i install 10.6.1 or 10.6.2 i get no first boot fine. I had try the retail version but it doesn't install. So i want to stay with the Snow Leopard Hazard that i have installed only with graphic enabler. I now can boot with the -f x32 parameters. I see that i have no audio, no ethernet and no wi-fi working. How can i made for adjust the parameters so i can boot with audio and ethernet and maybe wi-fi functionally ?? I have posted up the pictures of the audio chip and wi-fi card and ethernet card. Can anyone explain me if this cards will work in snow leopard ? Another question. I now want to install windows 7 in another partition using boot camp so after i can made a dual boot system and i will modify the file using the windows OS with Mac Drive installed. But i see that in this distro there isn't the Boot Camp Assistant. Can i download and install the Boot Camp Assistant ?? Please help me for this final steps. Regards
  4. Installation on Zotac Mag

    You are right !! But maybe you don't remember that i saied to have tried every installation's options (without drivers selection too) and OSXPCBETA2010.iso version too, that i have downloaded because i see that you installed this one. But it is a hacked version of Snow Leopard and have drivers check options during installation. You haven't expained as clear as possible the checked options of your fine installation. So i accept the suggestions...i am a newbie in the OSX systems,as i saied, but i have tried all. So if you can tell me what's you checked during the OSXPCBETA installation with a first boot funcionally i can try and confirm it. There isn't at this moment a clear guide for installing OSX into the Zotac MAG, from all users. Your way of installation.. without SATA drive and with OSXPCBETA (that is a hacked snow leopard version) and then the update to a Retail Snow Leopard isn't the most common way that the user usually do, for other ION pc too. In the last installation if i don't check SATA ATA FIX the system won't boot either in the verbose mode. The ACL888 is the audio chip i have taked pictures. The Kernels i have choose is the Atom Kernel (i have atom 330). I have choose 3 drivers for video card, but choosing only one the results are the same, and i try to check only graphic enabler next time... so we will se what's happen. I'm beginning to lose hope... so i'm continuing to use Microsoft Only. Best Regards
  5. Installation on Zotac Mag

    Tomorrow i will try another time first a clear installation with only graphicenabler and then a retail installation with hdd mounted on another mac. In that case i must installing Snow Leopard mounting it as virtual image without any modding ??? The files will be modified later installation ?? ...tomorrow it will be the 33 days of triing installation on this machine. But thanks you very much for your support and for explaining me every post in the better way you can.
  6. Installation on Zotac Mag

    Ok. Tomorrow i will try with only GraphicEnabler. But i will like to know if it is possible to correct a bad installation with overwriting files instead of make new installations every time i want to try something else. Best Regards
  7. Installation on Zotac Mag

    First Option : Install from SATA DVD - Snow Leopard Hazard DVD 10.6.X I put every voice of the bios setting as you suggest... Hypertreading disabled too ... I launch the installation with this options : -v -x cpus=1 arch=i386 I choose this customization installation options : - Boot Loader Only : Chameleon RC3_PCEFI 10.5 - Kernels : Intel Atom 10.2.0 - Graphics : NvEnabler , NVInject , GraphicEnabler - Audio : ALC888b - SATA-ATA FIX - APPLERTC The installation go fine for about 12 -15 minutes. At first reboot i type : -v -x cpus=1 and get this : Can i do something now for fixing this screen ?!? I have a Windows partition with MacDrive installed so i can add file from there. This is the first option...if it is better i can pull out the sata 2,5" hard disk and put into a hackintosh for trying to install Snow Leopard Retail from there...but with this first option i have installed 3 Snow Leopard into 3 different PC without problems. Can you help me please ?!? Regards
  8. Installation on Zotac Mag

    At this point... in this afternoon i re-try to install Snow Leopard, or OSXPCBETA directly putting the MAG hdd into the other hackintosh. Then i mounting the Retail image and install in the MAG hdd. At finish if everything was fine, i install chameleon. For posting the DSDT.aml file i must install OSX first, when i install it i'll take it from windows OS. As i saied, the Snow Leopard Hazard is the only distro that will install fine by a e-SATA DVD. The installation was fine (i don't have any idea of what's the best options to check during customization of the installation...if anyone can suggest something will be good!). At the first reboot i get a KP. If i install fine by e-SATA DVD, can i at the first boot loading Windows OS with MAC drive installed that show me the OS partition and overwrite some files ?!?! There is any possibility that then the ZOTAC MAG will boot OSX ?? If you think yes.. how are the files that i must overwrite or adding ?!? Regards
  9. Installation on Zotac Mag

    I have HT off in bios and all setting as you have posted. I have downloaded and tryed to install OSXPCbeta2010.iso too without sucess. Many post ago i have asked about this distros but i have obtained no additional informations about. I have an hackintosh (SL 10.6.0) too and i can use it. I have the Zotac MAG open as you see, so there is no problem for me to remove the Sata hard disk and connect to the ZOTAC ITX 9300 Quad-core Hackintosh. If you think that is better i can install from the hackintosh and then put the hard disk into the Zotac MAG. I have no idea how to proceded. I have already sayed that i have installed Snow Leopard Hazard 10.6 into the Zotac Mag without no problem.. but at the first reboot i get a panic kernel...i don't know if the option i have chose during the customizing installation of the Hazard distro was fine for the Zotac Mag. I have tryied many times. I have OSXPCbeta2010.iso too that i had downloaded when i heard that twilight.lee have installed on. But the results was the same. I have all distro and a ZOTAC 9300 Mini ITX quad-core with snow leopard functionally at this time. What's the better choice for installing it in the Zotac MAG ? I had understand that twilight.lee had installed SL Retail from USB, without have OSXPCbeta2010.iso installed..but there was not clear this point at now. I can make every test i want with an hackintosh and a various distros. The snow leopard hazard will install without any problems, until first reboot...so i thinked that this is the best thing at this time i have do. Best Regards
  10. Installation on Zotac Mag

    Hallo i have disassemble all the zotac MAG for take detailed pictures of the parts did you request. Here we are : This is the Wi-Fi mini pci-e card : Here is the Audio Chip : This is the Network chip : If you need somoe others pictures let me know it. I am searching for installing Snow Leopard Retail without success... i follow all the steps, but something is wrong. Can anyone explain the error i posted in the pictures ?? Can anyone make a detailed step by step installation guide for the Zotac Mag. Something is missing for me but i cannot find by me at this point. Thousands of installations and try...but nothing. I have set the AHCI instead of SATA controller from the BIOS. Is That correct ?!? for twilight.lee this is my email : sleddas@hotmail.com Best Regards
  11. Installation on Zotac Mag

    Hallo. I have my Zotac MAG open...so i can post every pictures you want. As you will ask pictures, i'll put them here if you want them. I am disappoint about the explaination of the installation on this post. I am a newbie but the infos shared aren't good enought for my installation. - I have format a usb 8gb stick with Journaled and GUID. - I have restored the OSX Snow Leopard Retail onto USB stick - I have copy the two folder : "Extra" and "stuff" (from the Zotaz_Mag.zip file provided by twilight.lee) in the USB stick root. - I have put the HT off amd the USB setting in BIOS as you sayed. - When i try to install from USB, when chameleon came i type : -v -x cpus=1 This is the screen i get : What's the problem ?!? What i do wrong ?!? Another question : If someone have SL working. What's working ?? (Wi-Fi ?? Audio ?? ) What's not working ?? Please help me. I am trying to install SL into MAG for 1 month with no success. Can someone explain better every single step for installing SL retail into MAG ? I can help and provide pictures of any parts do you want. Regards
  12. Vaio P Snow Leopard

    Hallo i have tryed to install Snow Leopard 10.6.0 Hazard from a USB DVD external, but it doesn't. The i'll try to use a USB 8GB pen drive but after formatting it in a mac with the two partitions, when i try to restore the image from the snow leopard hazard image to usb , it says me that the restore cannot be made because missing the scanning. What can i do ?? There is a way for installing the Hazard dvd on the Vaio P11 ? I don't understand the steps..everything i try it doesn't works! Regards
  13. Ok but what do you mean ?!? You have dumped your DSDT of your configuration , but it is funcionally ?? If i install Snow leopard, it will not boot. If i take out the hard disk and connect it to a hack-mac and overwrite the DSDT with your file, then it will boot ??? I still hadn't understand if someone have a Zotac MAG with Snow Leopard or Leopard installed and working. Can you explain better the situation ?!? There is a post for the Zotac MAG user...and the last reply was mine...the situation was that it isn't working. There is any news ?!? Sorry for disturbing you again. Regards
  14. Installation on Zotac Mag

    There is any positive news ??!?!? I have tried everything in this machine...with no results.. I am very surprised because i thinked tha motherboard was a IonITX from ZotaC...but this one doesn't work with Leo. I think i will resell The Zotac MAG i had buyed 1 months ago. I am not a expert, but i see that nobody more expert than me, have one positive tried installation worked fine. If someone have good news or will suppose that there is a more things to try i am ready. Regards
  15. I have tried OSXPCBETA2010.iso too but it's the same. The installation was fine but at the first boot the system won't boot and says : MAC Framework successfully initialized using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers What's the problems ?? It's 20 days i try every distros : ideneb v1.4 , Kalyway 10.5.6 , Snow Leopard Hazard and now OSXPCBETA, with no positive results Can someone send me the exactly BIOS settings for every voice ?? Regards