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  1. l-slay

    Atheros AR8131/AR8132

    wow thank you i was going to go and do this myself after my upgrade to snow failed but you beat me to the punch, but you saved me a lot of time thank you very much i really apreciate it. i dont know if this might work for you but, but it works magic on mine , when you start the cd press f8 and type "-v cpus=1" if that dosnt work try "-v cpus=1 -f" it should start with no problem and for installation you might want to look up info on your pc for the drivers.
  2. l-slay

    Atheros AR8131/AR8132

    can someone help me instal the kext with some instructions im am currently on iatkos v7 10.5.7 (soon to be snow leopard reatail) please and thank you great job btb reader
  3. l-slay

    Atheros AR8131/AR8132

    im glad to hear this, hope has come again. btw just for some more hope i was somehow able to get my modem recognized somehow with some kext i was messing around with but it wouldnt recognize it by ethernet cable only by the usb cable i would also be happy to be of help on your port "( but could not get online
  4. l-slay

    Pido Consejo a los Expertos sobre el Asus UL50 VG

    yo tengo un asus ul50ag y tambien estoy tratando de instalar, yo pude aseruna instalasion bein con todo casi trabahando. lo unico que no me esta trabahando es el internet yo estoi pensando en comprar un usb para resolver el problema. mira ah aqui tarbe te puede ayudar. ami me yso que me trabaje http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...sult_type=posts .