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  1. Is there any driver properly install for this ??
  2. Is there any driver properly install for this ??
  3. Hello,, Want to enable HDMI Audio from ATI 4890 Video Card How to ?
  4. Hello guys, I`ve done all the steps,, but didn`t work with Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 7.1 Sb0570 Lion 10.7.1 Is there any chance to find driver for this ?? Thanks in advance
  5. I set up the bios setting as shown, but I could not boot, the while with apple screen comes then the apple disappear and get stuck in this white screen.. What`s wrong ??
  6. Hello guys ,, I asked everybody in this forum and there is no answer I have GA-EX58-EXTREME i7 Processor 4890 ATI WD1TB SATA I`ve tried to install it from DVD but the problem is : the computer keep restarting before the big apple screen appear (before booting) ,, I`m working now on Windows 7 ,, I`f you can tell me how to boot from USB to try it instead of DVD ,, Or any other solution ,, Thanks
  7. How install MacOSX on GA-ma790xt-ud4p

    Sorry, but what diskutility`s have you used ,,, can you give me one of that tutorials for me THank you bro,, ^^
  8. I`ve tried this Kakewalk to boot,, and my computer still restarting before The mac screen appear ,, I want to know what`s wrong ,,,??! GA-EXTREMEx58 i7-Processor 6GB DDR3 4890 ATI That`s it ,,,
  9. How install MacOSX on GA-ma790xt-ud4p

    Execuse me but I didn`t understand this way , can you explain it for me ^^ also where can I find KakewalkLegacy.iso ,, ? Thank you
  10. How install MacOSX on GA-ma790xt-ud4p

    I`ve GigaByte-Extreme and trying to install 10.5.8 always before booting the computer restarts ., do you know whats wrong with me i7 6GB DDR3 4890 ATI