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  1. bern23

    G74SX Lion Install Tutorial

    thanks for all the contributors here...got my g74sx-dh71...working but no sd card support...any one got it working?..thanks in advanced
  2. bern23

    ML 10.8.2 on Dell XPS L502x

    after restoring the image to the usb...add all the content of the previous lion extra folder if u have a running lion on ur xps l502x..the try to boot from the usb
  3. same here installed iatkos L2 got successfully working but some items are not working...wifi dell1505 working out of the box, sounds are working, nvdia fx3600 working with QE/CI but no battery, network card, sd card reader.. my specs: Dell Precision M6300 NVdia fx3600 512 4gb ddr2 ram sigmatel soundcard hope anyone can help me work battery , sd card reader and internal network card.. thanx in advance
  4. Hi thanks for all the effort of the contributors here..i am now running osx lion on my xps L502x....done perfectly with some small modification, 1) i downgrade bios to A06 2) i made extra extensions folder inside Extra folder and put all the kext with dependency problem bcoz of the jmicron kext, now its running well without kernel panic on boot. 3) i change wifi card to atheros Thanks again guys...
  5. hello...im also a newbie to osx 86...i managed to install kalliway 10.5.2 on my asus board m2a-vm with a 1gb ati hd graphic card(ati4670)..audio are working well,lan also working and usb's all working with some command to initiate.. here are the options i used on the customization portion on the installation: on your bios first eanbled virtualization,sata AHCI, plug and play os-no..1st boot on your cd rom a) amd patch-used patch 1 graphic card- used ATI HD option any of them c) Kernel-used 9.2.0 d) network on lan used rtl 1000 e) wireless used rtl8187 do not include rtl8187b f) smbios-used the speed of your memory like 667 or 800mhz depend which memory u are using. regarding the usb detection there some problem here u have to download the enable_usb command for you to work the usb detection. u can search the file here on insanelymac.com. hope this will help you...gudluck