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  1. Hi guys, I have OS X running on a AMD 7750BE with gigabyte motherboard and it is running pretty smoothly. However, I noticed that it gets pretty sluggish after it comes back from sleep. Does anyone out there know what might be causing it or have experienced this problem before? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  2. I've got the same motherboard as you and I'm using a AMD X2 7750 Black Edition as CPU. I'm running SL 10.6.6 with no problems other than the sleep function. I used the snowleo dvd (iso) and upgraded to 10.6.6 using apple combo file. Before installing it, disable your network, sound, usb 2.0 (EHCI if I remember correctly) and virtualization. Keep the HD as it is (AHCI) but not sure about the DVD. Note that after installing the combo upgrade you have to run the legacy kernel installer (10.6.0) by nawcom BEFORE rebooting. As for patches I used the following: Audio: Azalia AppleRTC OpenHaltRestart NullCPUPowerManagement FakeSMC platformUUID amdpatch PCJ XNU Kernel Chameleon 2.5 These are options and patches that you must tick when installing your SL. If you have problems let me know.