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  1. mod or something to open new window

    mate many many thanks for helping me out i will test and report back
  2. mod or something to open new window

    mate i m getting error
  3. mod or something to open new window

    thanks mate i will try for sure and sorry for the late reply ... i will test and let you know and thanks again
  4. mod or something to open new window

    mate i know everything for opening new windows / keyboard shortcuts / i m just saying that i would be more easy to just click and open new window while having opened same app window and without using right click or using keyboard for new window
  5. mod or something to open new window

    trying this for like when i was using 10.6.2 but didnt get usedto with it and in the end i have to switch to windows just to get some piece of mind
  6. mod or something to open new window

    ???? no one knows
  7. well hello there right now i m using Montain Lion DP1 and i wanted to know that is there any mod or something that can help me with opening the new window stuff well as your peoples already know that if we already opened a firefox window and if i click again firefox icon it brings me the same firefox window and to open a new window i have to use command & N or right click and select New Window to open new window ... well i wanted to know that is there any mod or something for like if i click on firefox /chrome/finder/ or anyother app that support multipule window to just click on the dock and instead opening the old one it bring me with the new window Hope you understand my ques Mods if its the wrong section please send it to the right one Thanks
  8. DP2 Installed, up and running

    well mate i reinstalled the DP1 and its running all fine i will wait for the DP3 or final version thanks for the help anyways
  9. Black Screen on DP2

    mate i went back to DP1 and everthing worked fine no more black screen and i m happy and i will try the DP3 or Final version so for the time bieng its best to get back to DP1 the post is deleted The page you requested could not be found.
  10. Black Screen on DP2

    yups it didnt work and now i m reinstalling the DP1 with gtx460 to use os x and as far as the changes go there nothing that big to go for the DP2 maybe i will get DP3 or i will go for the final release and yeah the problem didnt solve
  11. Enable Sleep

    well mate now i m into whole new scenario i m not stuck with black screen with my gtx 460 and no matter what i do i cannot bypass that ..
  12. Black Screen on DP2

    well fellows i changed the NVDAGF100Hal.kext of DP2 to DP1 basically what happened was it didnt load the kext and went directly to the desktop then i used kext utility but again didnt work then again i reinstall the kext of DP2 then again display black .. so whats happenin with my gpu?
  13. DP2 Installed, up and running

    mate i m able to get in the desktop with 7300gs gpu but not with gtx460 and what do i need to put in the systemversion
  14. Good news afoot in 10.8 Mountain Lion for Fermi cards

    mate what about developer preview 2 all i can see is black screen after dsmos have arrived dp1 seems working for me but not the developer preview 2
  15. Black Screen on DP2

    well i tried it with 7300gs and i got directly into desktop without black screen ?wired! well one thing i saw between these two cards was when i used gtx460 i saw in NVDAGF100Hal.kext loaded and registered then DSMOS has arrived then black screen but with 7300GS i didnt see this text and booted into os and i also used graphics enabler but not able to see full resolution