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  1. gotojanoo

    Lion GM Facetime error

    The problem is after installing r755 can't boot in lion.
  2. Thank u guys a lot for yr help. I made it finally with all u guy's help.Created hex key through EFI and added in my plist and restarted and now its working apps. Again thanks Noam AA and oogie for yr big time help.Now facetime am not too much concern if its work or not.
  3. when i try to load plist file in osx86tool error showed up its says "gfxutil: invalid property list xml inputfile '/Users/*******/Documents/OSX86ToolsGFX/import.plist'! (1)" BTW when i creat that plist what name should i save with.And when u say boot.plist means com.apple.boot.plist?
  4. Thanks and appreciate .i will report u back .
  5. Thanks for EFI Studio apps but i still can't get in my IObuiltin is still False.
  6. hi i already installed Ethernet kext but i dont know how to add flag in chameleon .My network looks like this.and my networkinterface.plist says IOBuildt in False
  7. Yes i added <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string> I had tried both kext from multibeat 3.8.0 for my network. I can see in my system identifier that i have pci ethernet card installed .Even in the network its green and says connected. But still no go Thanks i will try that once i get back to home.
  8. Hi , Am trying to make my lion apps store and facetime work for last 2 weeks. so far i did everything from the all different forums.Now am about to give up. Am tired. ASUs P5KPL-CM motherboard.On board ehernet not work so i bought rightaway trendnet gigabit eherner card.Installed and its shows up as eng1. Tried Ethernet buit in Yes played with efi string with efi studio and osx86tool. deleted networkinterface.plist. Installed version 755 for facetime no go. What else i can do. Anyone wanna volunteer to back me up please and find some way to make apps store and facetime work.Sorry for my english though. One of the guy name Kris from Australia here he helped me a lot but he gave up too.
  9. Hi my Asus p5kpl-cm on board Ethernet (Atheros) not worked with lion.So i bought TRENDnet TEG-PCITXR gigabit card yesterday installed fine and now i can see Ethernet in my system identifier. But still when i try to login in apps store i can't login account is not verified error.I tried everything likes Ethernet yes in app.boot.plist . I tried delete networkinterfaces,plist.I read lots of forums.But still i have no luck.Only thing i need to try is string stuff.But some how am stuck on step 3.SO please any idea will be greatly appreciate.Am so desperate now. My sound and videocard works perfect though
  10. gotojanoo

    Lion GM Facetime error

    Oh this one is different wizard compared to chameleon rc5 755.
  11. gotojanoo

    Lion GM Facetime error

    its is so confusing can anyone explain in easy language please lol ).When i open IOreg too much stuff inside its is so confusing can anyone explain in easy language please lol ).When i open IOreg too much stuff inside can u please explain in detail how u install boot file. I had open Chameleon utility but can't see how to install and what.
  12. gotojanoo

    Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Hi got 9500 gt and wondering which kext should i put to make it work.Its just 768 resolution with hdmi . U guys talking about nvenabler64 and GraphicsEnabler=y ,but how and where can i install or enable.
  13. finally works.Thanks OP. Still i have low resolution only 768. and no sound. Tried [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] but while installation kernel panic.So can't even finish installation. I read in forums that nvidia 9500 gt works fine with lion though.
  14. Tried verbose mode 1st and same result.Spinning wheel for ever. then tried safe mode.In safe mode spinning wheel pass and entered to white screen without anything except cursor.
  15. Thanks for quick reply. i was wondering about safe mode. I know for verbose i need to type -v.But how about for safe mode.Sorry am learning. I don't have apple keyboard . mine is just regular keyboard