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  1. StarDust123

    ATI 5670 Help

    Hello forum members, I have recently managed to install 10.6.4 on my AMD machine. Everything is working as it should except for my graphic card. I have tried many ways for it to work. But they all end up failing. The problems I get is when it boots into the OS a black screen comes up with small squares in it. Also another problem is with some kexts when I boot the apple logo comes up loads and goes away but the grayish screen gets stuck there. How can I get my graphic card to work? I am willing to pay/donate money to anyone who can help me get this card working ($15 max =/). Thanks guys!
  2. StarDust123

    HD 5670 10.6.4

    Hello community, I have just managed to install iAtkos S3 V2 on my AMD system and upgrade it to 10.6.4. Everything is working except my graphics.... I have a HIS HD 5670 1GB GDDR5. I have tried a few kexts and such and all i got was a black screen with random squares on it or it would just get suck on a startup screen. Can anyone help with this? I am willing to pay/donate if anyone can help me with this problem. ($15 max)
  3. StarDust123

    AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    Hello, I am using Hazards Distro of Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2. And I was wondering what I need to do to upgrade it to 10.6.4... If I need to take any kexts out before updating or replace anything. Can I just download the dmgs for the versions and just install? I am running AMD if it helps
  4. StarDust123

    AMD 10.6.3 drivers

    Hey guys! I am new to hackintosh and I was wondering if you guys can help me get everything working. I have a GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H AM3 socket motherboard in my system and a AMD phenom II x4 965 black edition. I need to get my ethernet, audio and wireless along with my ATI 5670 graphics card. My Ethernet is a Realtek 8111C, The audio is a Realtek ALC889A 8 channel audio. The graphics like I said before is a 5670 with 1gb of GDDR5 memory. The wireless adapter is a ASUS PCE-N13 PCI Express Wireless Adapter (PCI slot) The chipset is Ralink 2860 based. Thanks for all you help!
  5. StarDust123

    Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Thank you! But can you tell me how to install it or point me to a guide that tells me? I am very new so please pardon me.
  6. StarDust123

    Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Ok I am really really really REALLY new to this. I am thinking of installing a hackintosh and I am trying to get all the drivers first so I dont have to go looking later. I have a Realtek 8111C lan driver on my Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H (AMD) and I was wondering if these drivers will work with my lan first of all. and how I install it. OFF TOPIC ABOUT AMD: I heard that you cannot just update directly with AMD (from the little update thing built into mac) I have to do some other kernal process... is this true? I am trying to install Snow Leopard btw (non-retail).
  7. StarDust123

    AMD Hackintosh

    Would those 2 distros have all the drivers I need? Or would I need to look for them. *I HAVE THAT EXACT SAME SYSTEM CONFIG*
  8. Hello guys I am having trouble setting up MAC OS on my Hp media center PC m7760n. I have been trying for a month now using different brand CD's like iAtkos, iPC, iDeneb and so on. Some seem to work and get me into the OS it self and others dont even go that far. The ones I did have success with where I went into the OS it self I always had problems. Such as ethernet not working, some programs and files seem to be gone. I have spent lots of time researching on the Wiki for OSx86 and it seems like there is a computer that is released after mine and it seems to be supported. I dont now why mine isnt. Also the ones that did work (only iAtkos v7) I couldn't install chameleon on. I tried RC 1 and also RC 4. It keeps saying installation Failed for some reason. This is exactly what I do from the time I burn the image on to a dvd. 1.Insert the DVD into my DVD drive and restart my computer 2.Wait for the CD to load and the little loader come sup with the countdown. And I wait for it to get to 0 and take me to the next slide or what ever where it shows the iDeneb or iPC or iAtkos and there is a little command like. I have read to press f8 here to install chameleon but it never worked out. But after I do -v and it prompts me to a screen where a whole bunch of errors and files load. Then it takes me to the graphical interface where I use my language. PS I ADDED A ASUS NVIDIA 9800GTX ON THE COMPUTER 3. Once I choose my language I go into Disc Utilities or something like that and do a partation. I have 2 250 gb hard drives. On 1 I have windows 7 and on the other I try to install OSx ( I have also tried to do it without Windows installed). While I choose the first hard drive to do the partation Mac always gets installed on the 2nd hard drive for somereason. Once I make the partation I click the Customization button on the next prompt. 4. I choose the correct drivers to install. chameleon is one of them. But i choose the VoodooHD audio driver. Seatbelt fix. Intel Pro 100/VE driver (that dosn't work) and VooDoo kernel. And some video drivers and such. And then install. This is where some of the problems begin. With iDeneb v1.6 when I look at the window that shows my errors during installation I get a whole bunch of Java script errors and the installation dosn't get very far. It gets stuck at the begining. In iDeneb. The installation gets compete and then when the computer restarts since my chameleon dosn't work I use the boot132 bootloader which I put onto a DVD and then choose iDeneb on my 2nd hard drive then the screen turns black and nothing. With iPC it gets installed and when I use boot132 to boot the MAC OS i get an error saying some file is missing so that dosn't boot. With iAtkos i get some files missing because when I go to the terminal to run some sudo commands to get my ethernet working from a guide off insanely it keeps saying one file is missing. So How do I fix this? Please respond ASAP. I really want Mac to work T.T. If you could please add me on msn saiperi123@live.com (prefered communication) but you can also post here. on how to fix this problem i would be really thankful. If you want my computer specs they are below. i added a asus nvidia 9800gtx Hp:http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&cc=us&docname=c00820224&dlc=en
  9. Hey guys I have a Hp mediacenter m7760n Desktop PC. I have tried to install Osx86 before by using iAtkos, iPC, iDeneb but never really had much success. I have just gotten iDeneb 1.6 Lite and I was wondering what to customization options to choose. Here is my hardware details Motherboard: P5LP-LE Asus motherboar Hard drive: 500 GB (2 x 250) SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec) 7200 rpm Ram: 240 pin DIMM PC2-4200 MB/sec Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo clocked at 2.13 Ghz Ethernet: Intel Pro VE/100 Ethernet card that is built into the motherboard or a Onboard ethernet card. Thanks for all your help guys!
  10. StarDust123

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    i am running a core 2 duo on this and it is clocked at 2.13 GHz and do I install Chameleon 2.0 after OSx or before?
  11. StarDust123

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Thanks, But I have one problem to go retail. First of all my computer is atleast 2-3 years old and I am not sure if my hardware will support a retail version. And I really dont have the money to build a new computer at the moment . Also This is my hardware I am using at the moment in my HP mediacenter m7760n Desktop. Internal Hard Disks: 500GB SATA hard drive (2 x 250GB) at 7200 RPM Motherboard: Asus MotherBoard name: P5LP-LE MotherBoard Name: Leonite-GL8E Video Card: Asus nvidia 9800gt (Bought about a month ago) (also updated the power supply to a Thermaltak 650W) RAM: 2048MB PC2-4200 memory(2x1024MB for ultimate performance) I have installed iATKOS v7 or something like that and it installed successful, but sadly I had to uninstall due to the fact I couldn't get any internet up at all (worked on it for 18 hours total about 11 or 12 on installing Mac and rest on Ethernet). But in the end it failed so I had to go back to windows 7 ultimate. And you give me a good bootloader to use and a name of a manufacture (Like iPC or iAtkos) that is at the most recent version my computer can support? Thank you for all your help!
  12. StarDust123

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    BTW what do you recommend I use? iAtkos, Deneb, iPC? What do you recommend I use and what version do you think I should use? I run a 32 bit system.
  13. StarDust123

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Ok i am using a program that is locked on to my HWID atm in a few weeks it will expire so then i will reinstall OSx and try it. thanks for all your help! Hopefully it will work =))
  14. StarDust123

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    I have, I went into the apple and the IO kext and added it but no luck =/
  15. StarDust123

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Hey guys I am running mac OSx 10.5.6, I have the same problem as the original poster had. I used iAtkos, IPC and tried to install mac. it works fine but in the customize I select the Intel 100/ve driver and I followed the instructions but it doesn't seem to work. Is there any way for me to fix the problem? I add the product number and everything into the kext but still doesn't work for some reason. Please add saiperi123@live.com and help me. I am using boot132 as my boot loader and I have uninstalled all OS's before I installed OSx. Please someone help me =/ Bootloader: Boot132 OS installed: None Motherboard type: ASUS P5LP-LE Motherboard name: Leonite-GL8E Ethernet: Intel PRO 100/VE Wireless: HP 802.ll b/g wireless network adapter by Atheros WIRELESS DRIVER WILL HELP TOO thanks =)