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  1. Thanks for that. How do you get 10.7 onto that - is it an aftermarket distro, or are you installing 10.6 via a disk and upgrading?
  2. Afternoon all Firstly I'll apologise for what must be a very regular question - I'm a theatre technician by trade and I'm a member of some other theatre forums where we get the usual "How can I light my band for £6.80 using all the latest effects and still fit it in what's left of the boot of my car after the drum kit?" fairly regularly. I've been messing about with OSX on desktops for a while, and I've got a set of three Dell Optiplex GX280s (2.8GHz, 2GB Ram) which are running a stable 10.5.5 - these are used as admin desks and occasionally used with a second monitor out (can't remember what the graphics cards were but they were a pig to get working) for things like running to TVs and very occasionally for live video playback for events. I've been trying to do 10.6 installs on these using a 10.6 retail disk and a Mod CD but not having much luck - mainly because these Dells have bad caps - so the BIOS settings keep wiping and other unhelpful stuff. Can anyone recommend a list of hardware to build a custom PC, or a barebones system that I can add compatible hardware to, that'll let me do a 10.6 disk install with a recommended mod CD, or a 10.7 install (how would you do that without a disk? Can you buy a disk? I'm under the impression it's download only) I'll be after two or three identical PCs - budget isn't important, but if it ends up costing as much as a Mac Mini, I'll buy a Mac Mini. Important features are DVD-RW, dual video output with second output capable of VGA or Composite (primary DVI or HDMI), and preferably FireWire for connection of Firewire Audio interfaces Thanks, Tom
  3. Phase x 24 fw problem

    How do you mean Mono, as in they are appearing on just one side of the stereo recording? This is most likely a setting in your recording software, as most software will have switchable stereo or mono audio tracks, with switchable routing in to them - is it possible you're making a stereo recording instead of a mono recording with an instrument only connected to the left input?
  4. Good external sound card for mac?

    What is your application, a home studio setup? The M-Audio cards are alright for the money, or some of the Edirol (now branded Cakewalk by Roland) are okay too - there's a Firewire variant with about 10 outputs that might be worth looking at, but you don't mention a budget. Personally I have a Edirol UA-25x, which has two XLR ins, and two balanced jack outputs - this is mainly used for playback and recording of individual mics (as in an interview) or stereo sources. For larger scale recording I also have a M-Audio Profire Lightbridge, which is 32 in/out almost entirely on ADAT - 4x 8-channel ADAT in and out, plus analogue out (routeable headphone output) and S/PDIF. I use the Lightbridge either directly connected to the ADAT outs on a Yamaha digital mixer or with Behringer ADA8000s to give 32 analogue ins/outs depending on what I need. (Yeah, I know, Behringer, but the outputs are okay. For serious recordings you're better using a Yammy desk and go in via ADAT.) Both of these are working with an Intel OSX86 machine.
  5. I have to confess that it is kind of difficult to find five constructive things to say as a new user - I have a small software problem that I'd ideally like to start a topic about but I'm having to either wait until I've been able to be of use elsewhere, or alternatively post useless comments until I reach the appropriate post count. Do you think it could be reduced to three posts? That's still enough to filter out those registering just to post one question and never return, but it does cut down the amount of junk just to boost post count by 40%.