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  1. has anyone an idea, why no wlan-adapter is known to my system ? i have made it exactly to the tutorial of post 1. if you tell me, what to check, i can give you informations, but i dont know, which information is helpfull. it is a standard vostro 1400. and no usb device- or better the whole usb-thing - is working. in the system-info, no usb-information is given.
  2. the Extras-file is down, could you please re-upp it ?
  3. jajajajajajjaj

    asrock a330gc works with little problems

    so.. first: with the bootmaker, ive found the first way to get osx to run on my a330gc-mainboard... ok, no netbook, but nearly. i tried a 10.6.0 and a 10.6.3-dvd, both worked. the update from 10.6.3 per combo-update shot the system... ok, no real problem. at the end of the installation, it says, that the dsdt.aml cant be found. i tried the 0.84beta3, so renaming the old osinstall.pkg is due another struckture not possible anymore. but at this point, i can restart and with the bootloader from the prepared disk i can start osx... so here is another problem: the netbook-installer also hangs at the dsdt.aml, the bootloader doesnt get installed and so i can only start with the external disk. but in this bootloader, win xp doesnt start anymore, so doing with 2 bootloaders/disks is one way. can i transfer the bootloader installed by the bootmaker on a small usb-stick, so that i can start osx when the usb-stick is in and start windows, when not ? the loader with extensions has to be exactly the same then on the disk. what i havent really catched: do i have disadvantages due this bootloader ? i mean, it works, so i think, a dsdt.aml is generated anywhere...
  4. jajajajajajjaj

    [Guide]Intel D945GCLF2 10.5.x Retail Installation

    many have this when waking up from standby - but i cant really see a relationship there. some say, the second screen is used, so if you have a vga-out on a laptop, it would only give a picture there, not in the internal screen.
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    [Guide]Intel D945GCLF2 10.5.x Retail Installation

    but it boots... the purple screen comes after the "apple-screen" - the apple and the round turning thing - would appear (and dont appear because of -v), so i dont believe, that it is the boot. maybe the graphics kext or sth
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    [Guide]Intel D945GCLF2 10.5.x Retail Installation

    i have tried a bit with refi and some kexts.. now i am getting a purple screen, and nothing more. (after all the text-output -v gives). it shines it does something, so when i press e.g. enter, the hdd-led shows activity. do you have any ideas ?
  7. jajajajajajjaj

    [Guide]Intel D945GCLF2 10.5.x Retail Installation

    i have an external disk with the snow-leopard and chamaeleon i have made on a mac a time ago. so you say, when i use ubuntu (or maybe any other linux) i can do all the command-line-activities to this disk too and ubuntu can mount hfs ? that would be super, i will try. btw: i have read through the article. and it is how often: he writes, that you need to copy some kexts, but they are nowhere to download. and if i dont have the specific kexts and jut know, that the original dont work, that not so super...
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    [Guide]Intel D945GCLF2 10.5.x Retail Installation

    to the installation i got with ideneb and kalyway without problems - even through it to the end. but on the boot later then, cpus=1 has no other effect, its still stuck at the "using...". after i have found one working link to the package mentioned in New Installation method using rEFIt by Onetrack and Co. i have created a usb-stick and loaded a 10.5.6-disk at here but it didnt help either. it just restartet after some lines of text, but it is too fast to recognize and in this rEFI i dont find a point to make the cpus=1-flag. your tip with ipc and cpus=1 ends in kernel version: .... system uptime in nanoseconds very early, just like the original with this parameter does (booted out of chamaeleon v2)
  9. jajajajajajjaj

    [Guide]Intel D945GCLF2 10.5.x Retail Installation

    i have a asrock a330gc with nearly the same specs, so i tried the package 2.5 in the first post, ideneb, kalyway and ipc.but none of them work. with an 10.5.6-dvd and the 123.iso-swap the installation itself hangs on the apple-logo, no "statuswheel" is shown.with ideneb and kalyway the installation is ok, but it hangs in the boot after "Using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers" (the number of buffers may be wrong, i dont know, if it is sensefull). with ipc it just restarted before the installation. i´ve read that replacing an io*.kext could help, but how could i do this, i dont have a mac here and my pc runs win7. so, can anyone help me please ? a running osx would make my bachelor-thesis much more comfortable. i need to do iphone-programming