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  1. Back on topic then I'm still getting random flickering screen. It's so weird it happens from now and then and suddenly there seen to be nothing wrong with graphics again. Anybody else running into this?
  2. I can confirm that the new web driver update received by autoupdate addresses the top bar transparency glitch.
  3. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Needless to say they're releasing it six days from now and there all this people go again download and install it all
  4. I believe the transparency bug is related to Metal support on basically any nvidia chip and that should be sorted out by the 20th
  5. Eww giz Why so salty honey? Anyways boys calm your {censored} down and don't do dumb stuff. Sierra should get its own Hard driver packed with its own Bootloader. Why? Because it has its own particularities! put Emuvariable under clover folder then run commands and you're done.
  6. Do you have inject EDID on? I removed it and flickering seems to be gone. Nevermind, it still there.
  7. Have anybody else noticed random flickering screen on the Maxwell Cards or something?
  8. I never known there was a patch to fix this issue I wonder if my hack'd perform any better using macpro6.1 definitions
  9. OS X Beta 7 Now available. I'm on the verge of downloading and testing, will report back soon.
  10. if it's not asking too much would you make it into a thread of it's own, please? Otherwise just delete and I'll get the message, thanks. BTW Public Beta 6 now available
  11. Is there anybody else having trouble with setting Siri up? She's apologizing for trouble with connection, no clue what it is, here's a troubleshoot list of what I've already tried: 1 - Disable/Enable connection under System Preference 2 - Remove/Add connection 3 - Change DNS servers 4 - Reboot 5 - Disable/Enable Siri herself 6 - Update RTL drivers from 2.0 to 2.2 I'm sorry if I'm posting this to the wrong section I just think it doesn't deserve a thread of it's own but if an ADM thinks it should be put on a thread separately then I'll be more than happy to do it. thanks
  12. @drowsyhaze Edit I can confirm Working Gigabyte 750TI but with some remarks: 1 - I think we should all back to using kext-dev-mode=1 and roothless=0 2 - remove Emuvariable-64 from EFI it will cause system to never load your video kext 3 - Nvidia webdriver should be enabled using it's settings panel under system preference 4 - transparency is buggy as hell so reduce it under Accessibility panel. 5 - Clover Configurator won't mount EFI so do it manually 6 - no messed up colors on my end* 7 - reset your NVRAN after removing Emuvariable (sudo nvram -c)
  13. Are you running into any glitch aside from the ones you've sorted out?
  14. Ozmosis

    I'd be interested in seeing how this works. Do you mind making this mod for the Z77pro3(AsRock)? This board has got its bios patched for it to run without the CPUpowermanagements kext I think thats important to be aware of.
  15. You can either use one or the other just the matter you have at least one of them. V2 is a simplified version of the first one. It has to do with Aptio Bioses support for Clover, be my guest try and remove this, you'll be stuck at boot.