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  1. Hi there. This issue only just started last night, and since then I've tried using Onyx to repair permissions, clear all the system cache, reset the PRAM/NVRAM and SMC, switching to Soundflower in Sound preferences and back to Internal Audio (That sometimes cures audio glitches for me) But none of this has fixed it, and it's consistent from the left to right speaker, and the 'subwoofer', which makes me think it's not a hardware failure, at least not the speakers anyway. It's also not just distortion, it seems to have trouble accurately reproducing sound, as when listening to some songs to investigate the issue, it's throwing out sounds that I've never heard on these tracks. What makes it stranger still is that it's only on the internal speakers, I could understand if anything on the 3.5mm jack was affected as well and put it down to a chipset failure or something, but it's absolutely fine outputting to the 3.5mm jack, unless there are independent controllers for the internal speakers and the 3.5mm jack? Any input on what to try to fix it would be appreciated, as I've done all I can think of, seeing as it doesn't appear to be a failure of the speakers themselves. Thanks a lot
  2. Managed to fix it, thread no longer needed
  3. Well I've made a complete **** up, I got a drop of superglue (don't ask ) on my MacBook, a few inches left of the touchpad. So I did some googling and most people used nail varnish, so I applied it to a test area on the back of the MacBook, and it was fine, I obviously didn't test enough, since after 5minutes or so of trying to get this superglue off, two areas of the paint flaked off, the superglue was coming off, but if I try to get it off now, I'm going to strip the paint on the entire area. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any good touch up paint or techniques to repair it? The area were it's flaked is still black, and from what I can tell, the flake seems was some sort of clear coat, as it was transparent, not black. But it still looks horrible since it's nothing like the colour of the rest of the MB now. It was perfect until this, :censored2: Thanks guys.
  4. iMac is sloooow

    Try running OnyX as well.
  5. So to get this straight. You have the source connected to the mac pro's input, and the speakers connected to it's output? If so, i don't know a way to get it to constantly output the source from the line in, I just open quicktime and click new audio recording everytime I want to do that. Hopefully someone else will know how.
  6. Edit: It's fixed now, just needed to charge and drain down the battery again after clearing the NVRAM and PRAM.
  7. It seems that purely depends on the drive it's self having a jumper to switch from 1.5Gb/s to 3.0Gb/s a SATA drive will work on a SATA II motherboard, but I'm not sure if it'll work the other way round and just transfer at 1.5Gb/s unless the drive has the jumpers. My SATA controller is only displaying 1.5Gb/s in the system profiler: Vendor: Intel Product: ICH7-M AHCI Speed: 1.5 Gigabit Description: AHCI Version 1.10 Supported But I'm not sure if that's because a 1.5Gb/s drive is connected, I'm guessing probably not.
  8. Both gens are SATA, but I don't know if either support SATA II.
  9. Hi there. I just wondered if the original Core Duo MacBook supports SATA II 3.0Gb/s Since my current drive is 1.5Gb/s, I thought they supported SATA II but I'm not sure. Someone I know is off to America and they asked me if I wanted anything, so I was thinking of asking them to get me a new 2.5" SATA HD This one seems to be by far the best for the money: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822149058 But I'm not sure if it'll work. This is the other one I was thinking of if it doesn't support SATA II http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822152089 So if you guys know if it supports SATA II or not, that'd be great. Cheers
  10. WiFi dropping out

    Looks like they've finally released a fix: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/air...ate2007004.html
  11. The new MBP just came out a few weeks ago, there isn't going to be another anytime soon.
  12. WiFi dropping out

    Has anyone found a fix yet? It's starting to annoy me, dropping out when I'm doing something important
  13. WiFi dropping out

    I never got that then, not if it came out yesterday.
  14. WiFi dropping out

    My 10.4.10 was about a week ago, I haven't had any new updates apart from the superdrive firmware one and the audio one, is 1.1 the MBP only update? I know there was a MBP only update, not sure what it was though. Thanks
  15. WiFi dropping out

    Yeah I have the latest update, 10.4.10, I assume it's v1.1? How would i go about replacing the file? Thanks