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    macOS Sierra + AMD R9 280x?

    Hmm... would I need to reinstall to get it working then?
  2. Shiggitay1

    macOS Sierra + AMD R9 280x?

    Okay well what are your settings etc?
  3. Hey all. I'm not exactly new here, but I don't post that much. I recently installed a fresh copy of Sierra on my i7-3770k (mobo is an Asrock Z77 Pro 3), and all is well except for my GPU. I have an AMD R9 280x (ASUS R9280X-DC2T-3GD5) and I'm aware that it's difficult to get OS X of any version to boot it directly without having the Intel GPU boot the system first. I'm aware of a user whose name I can't think of's scripts and whatnot to inject device IDs etc into Clover so it boots up as you'd expect with my 280x, but that's not working. Can anyone help me get mine working properly? I've tried to go through the personality tutorial etc but I couldn't get it working right. It's important that I have utilization of my discrete GPU because I have a BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro 4k capture card out for delivery, and I'd like to use it and then use BMD's NLE (NonLinearEditor) called DaVinci Resolve to edit the videos I make. Currently I'm able to boot up with the onboard GPU as main, and then just have my three displays use the 280x, but the main GPU is still my HD 4000. I hope I'm making sense here.. Thanks in advance, Shiggitay1
  4. Okay so I've tried adding the entries mentioned in this thread to my config.plist, but I cannot get it working properly in my Intel NUC here. I installed Arch in a slightly different way than most would: https://github.com/yantis/instant-archlinux-on-mac I use the above script to automate the process for me. It's meant for an actual Mac since its using rEFInd as it's bootloader, but I was just wondering, is there a way to get Clover to boot into properly? Thanks, Shiggs
  5. Does this have a BayTrail CPU?
  6. Shiggitay1

    Best tablet-convertible for Hackintosh?

    Sorry heh. I only shortened it because I was posting it in the chat and it was super long. I'll post it regularly no matter what from now on.
  7. Shiggitay1

    Best tablet-convertible for Hackintosh?

  8. Hi guys. I have a working Hackintosh and I'm curious as to whether or not the latest x86 tablets (with the proper kernel patch(es) will boot Mavericks or even Yosemite? Should I get one of these I'll try Linux too... The tablets I'm interested in are listed below: WinBook TW100 http://www.microcenter.com/single_pr...spx?sku=410605 ASUS VivoTab Note 8 http://www.microcenter.com/product/4...Tablet_-_Black They both share the Intel BayTrail CPU (Atom-based) that runs at 1.33 GHz (quad-core) and turbo boots up to 1.86 GHz or so. I was at my local MicroCenter store the other morning to play with both of them and I'm leaning towards the WinBook (32GB) because of its full size USB 3 port at top and its $200 price. On the other hand the VivoTab I found goes for $279 and has twice the storage as the WinBook but no full size USB 3 port... Has anyone gotten any of those tablets to try and install Mac OS X onto? If you have, what works? Touchscreen? WiFi? Graphics? If you have any suggestions or recommendations on a tablet that's known to mostly work feel free to leave them here. Finally, these two tablets are attractive to me because they're under $300. If I was to spend more than that I'd get a MacBook Pro, but that won't happen until earliest July of 2015... Anyway... thanks in advance.