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  1. They don't even need to explicitly register for copyright.
  2. I installed Tiger into VMWare Fusion (by patching /Library/Application Support/VMWare Fusion/isoimages/darwin.iso (replaced all occurrences of ServerVersion.plist with SystemVersion.plist) to trick VMWare into believing it's running a server version). This method worked just fine for Leopard (using a 10.5.0 retail disk). Tiger installation worked just fine (because I only have a Tiger disc (10.4.8) that shipped with a Mac (MacBookPro2,2), I had to mount the vmdk and install Tiger to it from within a running OS X (as described at macosxhints.com)), but it won't boot. As soon as the grey Apple is displayed (even before the spinner shows up), the virtual hard disk no longer shows any activity. If I pass it -v -s -x as boot options, these are the messages displayed right before the grey Apple comes up: This problem occurs both when booting from the installed Tiger and when booting from the Tiger install disc. In contrast, Leopard in Fusion works just fine. Leopard even displays the same messages when booting it with -v -s -x: Any ideas what this issue could be related to? According to above macosxhints.com article, it should work just fine. Thanks!
  3. Did you install all of the packages in the metapackage (iLifeMediaBrowser.pkg and those two frameworks) or just the main iWork package?
  4. You can reset the trial (after 30 days) by deleteing /Library/Preferences/com.apple.iWork08.plist . EDIT: As far as I know, bypassing an ineffective copy protection (which this basically is) is not illegal under copyright laws. EDIT: This file doesn't show up until you start up an iWork app for the first time and start the trial period.
  5. What is MacBuddy? Did I miss something? From this list, it seems like MacBuddy is the new Setup Assistant.
  6. I'm trying to install DarWINE on my MacBook Pro, but I don't have access to my Install DVDs (from which I need the X11User.pkg to install X11) because I'm not at home. Could someone please upload the X11User.pkg package from their install CD (located in /System/Installation/Packages/X11User.pkg) for me? Thanks!
  7. Macintel or Mactel?

    Mactel sounds like it's some kind of phone... Macintel sounds like you forgot to push the spacebar... Also, what sense does it make to put the adjective (Intel) after the noun (Mac)? So, I prefer Intel-Mac.
  8. Windows Embedded?

    I wouldn't be too sure that Windows XP Embedded runs all applications developed for Windows XP. Much of it is a different operating system. I haven't been able to find any info on application compatibility on Microsoft's website.
  9. New Vista Build, New Problems

    The card itself is not the problem. For any piece of hardware, the firmware is what makes it support or not support something. But anyway, has anyone successfully flashed a VGA BIOS onto the iMac's X1600?
  10. Vista can run on FAT32

    Are you sure that the setup when booted from CD already loads the TCP/IP stack and starts RDC? I've seen this done in Linux, VNC added to load right into the init files, but I don't think Windows supports anything similar.
  11. New Vista Build, New Problems

    Hope Apple starts shipping a PowerMac with a separate graphics card soon - will be easy to replace with one that supports VGA. This won't be a solution for MacBook, iMac and Mac mini, but definitely for testing and getting dual boot to work.
  12. Dual boot with Acronis Bootloader

    Actually, you didn't loose your data - it is still there, your operating system just doesn't know where on the hard drive to find it. There are several tools to re-create the partition table by examining the structure of your hard drive. If you want your data back, DO NOT try to format or create new partitions.
  13. Dual boot with Acronis Bootloader

    If you made a backup copy of the partition table before resizing (onto an external drive), you can restore that and get your partitions back to normal.