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  1. I'm having kernel panic when some of the DMG files mounted. OS X 10.5.7 Kernel 9.7.0 any solution?
  2. you must repair the MBR too. Try this 1. Insert Win 7 DVD and boot from it. 2. Select Repair 3. Go to Command prompt 4. Type "Diskpart" 5. Type "Select Disk 1" 6. Type "Select partition 2" 7. Type "Active" then "Exit" 8. Go To drive C: 9. Type "bootrec /fixMBR" 10. Type "bootrec /fixboot" 11. Type "bootrec /rebuildbcd" some options will show here please select appropriate then Exit after successful Restart you PC and boot Win 7
  3. Thanks to this thread this solves my problem on my BCM5784M 14e4:1698 card driver. now i got an IP, Masks, Router, DNS Server addresses respectively. BUT! because i can't figure out on Hex Editing using hexfiend. I still can't connect to the Internet or Ping other computers on my network. so i did some searching until i found of like this: open a Terminal then type: sudo ifconfig enX lladdr 00:00:00:00:00:00 where X is the number of your Enthernet and the zero(0) is the actual Mac Address of the card. provide your Admin password if needed. so simple but effective than Hex Editing. BINGO!!!!