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  1. More screenshots. <Images Unavaliable> Check this site from time to time to see blex0rs progress and newly uploaded screenshots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/56598311@N00
  2. <Image Unavaliable> Latest picture. There aren't applications installed, which is why there are so many question marks on the dock. For some reason, the "more info" button is greyed out, although nobody is sure if that is normal for a dev release.
  3. Well done! If removing SSE3 dependency is causing problems with the GUI, could there be a version of these torrented files that is aimed towards those of us who have Pentium 4 prescots? Very exciting. In each picture, you can see steady improvement. I got worried when the blue wallpaper and dock didn't show. However, I notice spotlight isn't showing and the dock has a few errors. At this rate that should be fixed soon though. It seems like you are amazingly close! I really hope that there is a patch for the current phenix osx86 developer dvd. The patch could create a new method of installing osx86 and allow broader hardware support. Currently I hang on "still waiting for root device," which apparently is an issue caused by the fact that I have an incompatible motherboard.