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  1. Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L REVISION 2 I cannot get the network to work on snow leopard Networking: Network adapter - Realtek RTL8111C. I followed the most updated guide and even found a different ''Realtek RTL8111C'' and still cant get it to work! Ive seen in some places saying revision 2 doesnt have ethernet but this was just for leopard i was wondering if in SL its the same?
  2. i cant get ethernet to work using this guide any ideas?
  3. It was already working fine for a weeek before this happened. So it can't be that.
  4. Anyway i just got a vanilla (10.6.2) install on my D945GCLF (more specs in sig) everything was working fine then today i shut down and it just started restarting itself? then booting back into the os then id try to shut down and it would just restart again. Anyway i deciced to give up for the time being then just switched it off then when i switched it back on when i boot in -v it comes up with a load of stuff then says its safe to switch off your pc and turns off before i can do anything? if i boot normally a bar appears underneath the loading circle thing then disapears then it loads forever... and if i boot ignoring cache it gives me a KP. Wondering if anyone could help out? SCREENSHOT OF IT BOOTING IN -x
  5. Im guessing this also works with the D-E board aswell? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Zotac-Motherboard-...4390&sr=8-2
  6. Currently looking for the same thing
  7. Hi just wondering if there is any USB wifi adapter that is detected as airport? If not is there any good usb wifi adaptor i can get or are they all pretty much the same?
  8. Anyway ive managed to my make my first hackintosh and its running pretty sweet. (specs in my sig) Got everything updated for now but ive disabled updates until something comes out and i know i can use it. Now my question is after everything is installed and working how likely is this machine to F*** up? If i dont update anything and just keep doing the day to day stuff? Also is there anything i should do to make sure it doesnt f*** up? Ive put on little snitch to also block it from trying to get updates some other way. If i am to install new software is there a chance this could cause a kernal panic or something like that? I apologise for the newbie questions but all posts on stablity seem to be so old there about DISTROS.
  9. pacman3

    What to do when you get a KP?

    its not happening anymore btw. think ima use praashs guide on creating a backup of bootable texts
  10. Anyway I spent an entire day getting SL 10.6.2 to work on a Intel Atom 330 D945GCLF. Finally got it done now in the process of installing i f***ked up a few times and to remedy that what i was doing was booting again then formating the drive installing OSX all over again (timely process). Now im sure when I got a KP there was other ways of fixing this than starting all over again?
  11. Second interview is this week so ill keep you posted on that and anything else.
  12. Thanks! -Also what will this do for me? Will it speed up my graphics etc?
  13. How do you add this to DSDT? Using TextEditor? As when i open it with text editor all the characters look werid and what you said to add is like normal abc type stuff.
  14. Well it was a few days ago when I first went to a local apple store (cant say which) to have a group interview (they call it a seminar). Anyway got there outside the store they made us fill a few of our details number name address etc then sign a disclosure form saying that we would not tell anyone what happened while we was there... (haha) Anyway after that the doors opened and the apple staff surrounded the enterance and started whooping and clapping while VERY loud happy music was played. (I was creeped out) Anyway after a brief video. They asked us to talk to the person next to us and find out infomation from them 1.Why they want to work for apple 2.Something Interesting about them 3.What they are doing with their life at the moment. Then each person presented the other persons infomation to the group. (This seems the way with group interviews I was at another one the other day (not in apple) and they did a simular thing) Anyway after that we watched some more videos on how the stores doing got asked some general questions about customer service and why their retail stores are doing so good. Watched more videos on each job role. Then came the role play, people were put into groups of 3/4 with one person being a apple empolyee. Each group was given a problem/question a customer may ask/have then had 5 mins to discuss this. Questions ranging from my ipod is broken to I have never used a computer how could i use a mac. After a discussion and planning in our little group we presented the role play to the managers. After this was a another brief group discussion then came a question for each person to answer indivually. Which you had to answer "I would be great for apple because...." Each person had to answer this to the group straight away. After this we had time to ask any questions. And that was it for that part. The next morning i got a call asking me to goto a smaller group interview. To which if i was sucessful i would either get a job or get a one-on-one interview then a job after that, or not. TIPS: 1. I noticed alot of people (pretty much everyone) bums apple and all they said was like OMG I LUBZ APPLE GIMMIE JOB your products are the bestiest were is steve jobs il give him a BJ. (not litterly but not far off) Id recommend if asked saying you like the products and use em but dont act like each product is blessed from god. As they might think all you wana do is just stay in the store and {censored} around on systems. 2.Be different most people at the interview looked like unhealthy vegans (mac users)