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    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Yeah, I linked to this thread from the osx86 wiki for my laptop model, so that might be helpful.
  2. hp8327

    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Alright. I had sub'd to this thread, and all the activity this AM made me want to go get this working and installed. Works flawlessly using the directions provided. Thanks so much for getting this thing created. I swear this was a heck of a lot easier than what I had to do to get my network card to work on this laptop! Cheers, and thanks again! Edit: I also think this should be a sticky
  3. hp8327

    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    I'm hoping to have time tonight to check this out. I am on the road and have been busy as heck. Thanks for the heads up though Black Night!
  4. hp8327

    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    AWESOME! I'm going to try this later today or early tomorrow! Very exciting. Very detailed instructions, and this thread deserves a sticky! Thanks for your work on this, I'll reply back when I get it working. Can't wait to have USB for flash and Wireless working!!!!!!!
  5. hp8327

    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    I'm hoping for an update soon! I'm running 10.4.6 on an HP dv8327cl and have been having problems with USB from the start. Let us know as soon as you have a kext ready to test. I'm ready!