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  1. So I tried Eno's nForceLAN kext and it picked up the internet on my ethernet, allowed me to connect to the internet for software updates, but Safari hangs every time I open it forcing me to quit out of it.
  2. This is kind of a 2 part question. 1. Is there a driver for this that works with Leopard yet? I accidentally installed this driver without reading that it only works stable with 10.4 2. How can I go about removing the network driver for now? Is it just a matter of deleting the kext in the extensions folder? I could still get on the internet with this but it would panic randomly as I was downloading some apps for the Mac.
  3. Mark7807

    Need ATY_Motmot.kext.zip !

    Can someone please reupload the ATY_Motmot.kext.zip file that was located at http://rapidshare.de/files/46870770/ATY_Motmot.kext.zip.html as I'm in great need to get my 4850 up and running I believe the .de servers must of been shut down or something. Thanks! Many of the other links are down on this page here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=155477 if others have these files it might help a lot of people out like me
  4. Okay so my comp was out of commission for a few days, it's back up with iPC 10.5.6 Leopard on it now! So I can say I finally have mac on my PC!!! Now, I need the proper drivers for ethernet, video and audio. Right now I have a ATI 4850 for my video card, NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller (Marvell Gigabit LAN driver) for ethernet, and Creative SB Live! series. Also I installed iPC with the PS/2 Keyboard patch selected. However, when I try to boot up with my PS/2 Keyboard it just simply won't boot, where as if I have my parents USB keyboard plugged in it boots just like normal.
  5. Would using another Distro's DVD, just to use terminal work?
  6. It says rm is not a command WHAT THE.... I typed in exactly that. I might just have to wait for my friend to come over and throw in a new motherboard that should work this setup I have currently unless you have other suggestions
  7. I typed those and it would say rm is not a command. I got rid of the space between rm and -rf and it would say for both of them that the directory/file was not found. I was case sensitive and for the way my volume was setup with a space I put I know this is probably getting rediculous for you to explain, I think Terminal hates me.
  8. When attempting this area All I get is -bash: sudo: command not found.
  9. How do I go about deleting/disabling kexts? Is it a boot option of some sort to just disable it temporarly?
  10. Current Specs When booting up to OSX after installation has been complete, I get a kernel panic stating the following panic (cpu 0 caller 0x2a76e6) : "Version mis-match between kernel and CPU PM"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1456.1.25/osfmk/i386/pm CPU. c:673 Debugger called: <panic> That's just a short bit of what comes up. The pic attached is not the EXACT error that comes up, I just don't have a working digital camera and this seemed REALLY close to the error I was getting. I used Hazard's Distro for the installation with the Modbin Kernel and chain0 bootup. Again that is not a picture I took, my digital camera is messed and this so happened to be very close to the error I was getting
  11. Mark7807

    Can't seem to get anything to work.

    http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/7219/sspx0253.jpg All the 7's spamming constantly during bootup. Also spams at spots needing the keyboard in installation (ex. disk utility, formatting the hard drive to MAC extended, it will spam 7's when trying to type in the partition name) http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/8991/sspx0254.jpg Hard to show in a picture but all those catagories of addons keep closing and opening making it impossible to select addons needed.
  12. Mark7807

    Can't seem to get anything to work.

    The reason I haven't tried anything else was because this distro was the only one I could get booted to installation, also I thought that a little problem such as a keyboard not functioning during installation could of simply been fixed by running some sort of kext before installation. (Or possibly even some BIOS settings) I will attempt the guide you gave me as it seems to have worked for a lot of people but if I can get anywhere with hazard's release that would be amazing!
  13. Mark7807

    Can't seem to get anything to work.

    anyone know what's up with ^
  14. Mark7807

    Can't seem to get anything to work.

    Okay so I tried Hazard's release booting up with -v arch=i386 and it would go through the installation boot, however it starts to spam 7's during installation boot and the installation wizard. It would also select things randomly in the wizard making it almost impossible to finish installation (while on customizing addons page it would collapse and decollapse possible selections) If you don't get what I mean ask anything you need for understanding, I'm sooo close to getting this working, just this last bug in installation.
  15. Mark7807

    Can't seem to get anything to work.

    Ya I'm just getting hazard's as we speak seeing how it's probably the most recent release. I'll post back if I need help with that, any variables besides -v I should put in for installation bootup based off my current specs?