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  1. Bunch of illegals

    Which person in the right mind would want to be a illegal immigrant? ponders away..
  2. [Random] 9999 Replies

    nah, it's too often we only type the number of our post (eg. 3746) only.
  3. Bunch of illegals

    the larger the country is, the harder it is to go clamp down on illegal immigrants. and what's more, it happens in all (decently developed) country, so it's not really a matter of only the States.
  4. 3GB memory too much?

    firstly, i'd never complain if i had 3gb of ram on my laptop! =X and back to the post : test the RAM individually, like post above mentioned, perhaps a RAM's broken, or not, check dell's website to check the maximum RAM for your desktop. perhaps it is unable to recognize cos maybe the limit's 2gb? (which i think is highly unlikely though, but...) With Regards!
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    yay! test with nsGUI! but..need help for running the app in -s option. =)
  6. [Random] 9999 Replies

    @u1m2 : you'd never get a chance to type it again cos it only goes forward after 3743.
  7. [Random] 9999 Replies

    how creative can post get when you are already at 3 7 4 1 ? =X