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  1. Hi, I get a kernel painc each time I try and mount a DMG. I checked which version kernel I have : 9.5.0 I have tried replacing the seatbelt.kext as instraucted in this post, but this has had no sucsess. I have attached a photo of my Kernel Panic which I hope you might be able to advise me on. (1.8Mb size) I can open the .dmg in Disk Utility and convert them to .cdr, then they will mount and open. Any help welcomed. Thanks, Barry.
  2. Adaptec 2940uw Works, 29160n Does Not

    Seebaru, It would appear that the four kext files that you listed are not all that is required to get the SCSI cards to work. I have a G3 iMac PPC running 10.4 and an iPC running 10.5 I wish to get my iPC to support my Adaptec 2940UW, but discovered that 10.5 doesn't have SCSI support. I have copied the four kext files you listed from the extensions folder on my G3 and installed them into the osX86 using the tools provided with 10.5 and restarted the iPC with: -v -f The iPC has booted up fine and LSPCI can still see my Adaptec 2940UW as it could before, but the OS 10.5 can not. Any ideas from anyone else as towhich other files I need to transfer would be much appreichated. Thanks,
  3. Adaptec scsi drivers question

    Well done! I've been looking everywhere to find some form of driver for my AHA-2940UW. If you manage to get it working, please let me know how and if I beat you to it, I'll make sure I let you know. If you can let me know where you found the kext file, that would be great. Good luck with your SCSI card! Barry.