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  1. New 24" iMac: No Windows Installation Possible!

    Flyin, Windows XP Home (retail) installed on my first attempt without problem. I have the Boot ROM and SMC version as you do: IM61.0093.B00 1.10f2 I dunno.
  2. New 24" iMac: No Windows Installation Possible!

    Both the 7300 and the 7600 have the issue, so I doubt it's the vid card. Has to be firmware choking on a different part somewhere. I think we're out of luck until the Boot Camp guys release a new rev. G'night man. Good luck.
  3. New 24" iMac: No Windows Installation Possible!

    Out of curiousity, what do you get when you hold down the Option key after restarting?
  4. New 24" iMac: No Windows Installation Possible!

    Yep, and nothing more current on the website. From the Apple discussion forums: When I first installed bootcamp on my old 20inch imac. Everything went smoothly, Nemas problemas. But when I tryed to install windows on my new 24inch modell with the same cd ( sold my old "g1 intel mac" without windows installed on it ) This happend: "Computer displayed windows root\system32\hal.dll is missing or corrupt, please re-install." ( and i used bootcamp ver. 1.1.1 ) Have someone had the same problem? How do i solve this problem? I tried to update my firmware but when i tried the installer said that it wasn't necessary. my firmware info: Boot ROM-version: IM61.0093.B00 SMC-version: 1.10f2 I want to know what the difference is with the 24" machines that do work. Anyone with a functional install of XP on a 24" iMac want to share their Boot-ROM and SMC firmware versions?
  5. New 24" iMac: No Windows Installation Possible!

    I don't see anything new on the website. Under "System Profiler > Hardware > Boot Rom Version & SMC Version" what do you have listed? ...and have you run a System Update lately?
  6. New 24" iMac: No Windows Installation Possible!

    OK, that's scary. You should get the Microsoft "I agree" legal disclaimer screen at the very least. That's got to be a firmware problem. Edit: I HOPE that's a firmware problem.
  7. How do you say the "X" in OS X?

    Bell Labs/AT&T: UNIX (not UNI 10)... Hewlett-Packard: HP-UX (not HP-U 10)... IBM: AIX (not AI 10)... I'll stick with OS "Ecks"
  8. New 24" iMac: No Windows Installation Possible!

    At exactly what stage in the XP install process does the screen go black? After the blue ANSI install screens and first reboot?
  9. Favorite Design Fonts

    contrasting font sizes is distracting, and "alarm" font weight is too light. punch up "alarm" in bold, use the same font size for all text, and consider using an outline instead of solid for the 5, as you still need to draw attention to it without adding a new color to the mix. that's what i'd do anyway.
  10. New 24" iMac: No Windows Installation Possible!

    I have yet to see anyone document a case of this problem with XP Home edition (although most of the time they don't specify whether it's Home or Pro). I just purchased a new, retail copy of XP Home. Maybe that will work.
  11. New 24" iMac: No Windows Installation Possible!

    According to Apple discussion forums, the bug is independent of video card configs (7300 and 7600 machines had the same problem), so it could be the display drivers (or maybe the system bus?)... BTW, which XP distribution did you try? I have the same exact configuration (2.16, 7600GT/256, 2gb). I'll try installing in the next couple of days and let you know how it goes.
  12. OS X/Vista/XP triple boot possible w/o upgrading XP to Vista?

    Helped a lot. Thanks, I wasn't aware you could begin a Vista install from XP. Almost sounds too easy.
  13. OS X/Vista/XP triple boot possible w/o upgrading XP to Vista?

    Boot the Vista CD while running XP? I don't quite follow. Just reboot and boot off of the Vista CD after finishing the XP install?
  14. Hello all, I've looked through these forums and might have missed it, but I'm wondering if there's a method for triple booting OS X, Vista, and XP that won't require me to perform an XP -> Vista upgrade in order to install? I'm sure Vista will have enough stability issues on its own without complicating matters by performing an upgrade. Has anyone been successful installing both XP and Vista without going the upgrade route? Thanks in advance, Vive BTW, here is the link I'm sourcing for instructions on triple booting WITH the upgrade. Tri-boot