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  1. EURÊKA !!!!!! J'ai trouvé.... et tout seul en plus ! En fait quand mon pc ne démarre pas il suffit de faire la combinaison magique : "cmd + alt + P + R" ou en français : "commande + option + P + R" pour réinitialiser la NVRAM Au vu de certaines modifs effectuées pour iMessage, je pense que c'est là la cause. Reste à trouver pourquoi ! En tout cas, merci à ceux qui se sont donné un peu de mal pour m'aider.
  2. Je ré-up après quelques essais infructueux, je commence à cerner le problème, mais sans savoir pourquoi ! En fait il y a deux cas où cela se produit : 1- quand je lance OSX puis je boot sur windows ensuite (voir début du topic) puis j'éteins le PC, celui-ci ne redémarre plus sans débrancher ; 2- quand je lance une machine virtuelle windows dans OSX puis j'éteins le PC, celui-ci ne redémarre pas non plus sans débrancher. Si je ne démarre aucun windows sur deux semaines (essai avec du traitement lourd) je peux redémarrer comme je veux. Finalement, je ne pense pas à un problème matériel mais bien à un problème logiciel (win ????)
  3. Help needed on Acer Aspire

    thanks for reading, but I've already did it I've tried many flag but nothing good. What is the difference between 10.6.7 and 10.6.8, maybe that's the key
  4. Hi everyone, I tried several time to install Mavericks or Moutain Lion on an acer Aspire 7730ZG. I've already installed Snowleopard on it, update to 10.6.7 but didn't succeed on 10.6.8 I've tried with chameleon, clover, myHack ans some other for the same result : I'm always stuck at the boot (PCI Configuration begin/end or AppleUSBUHCI::UIMCheckForTimeouts) even with npci boot flag, even with a good dsdt Can someone help me ? For more details on acer aspire 7730ZG, see : http://www.pcworld.com/product/1321848/acer-aspire-7730zg-424g32mn-notebook.html
  5. What sort of SMBios ....

    Hi, back again. I'm very, very pleased to report you that's a success !!!!!! To recapitulate, I have : - removed all NVDA kext in /S/L/E - reinstall those of my USB installer (Mavericks 10.9) on /S/L/E - add my ID in Info.plist in AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext in AppleGraphicsControl.kext - use KextUtility to install it - put the "right" SMBios in /Extra - check my org.chameleon.Boot (and delete some useless commands) - boot with -v -f - and finally see both of my screen light on !!! Thanks you all for informations and for your help very useful As styrian says : Have fun ;-)
  6. What sort of SMBios ....

    Hello and thanks a lot for your explanations You're right : No need to update everytime (old M$oft reflex) I'll try to remove web drivers and give you reports Thanks again
  7. What sort of SMBios ....

    Yes in fact I've installed it at the 10.9.3 update and lost my 2nd screen too, so I rollback to 10.9.2 nvidia kext (from a real iMac) and everything went ok And now I don't want to rollback again : I'd like to solve my problem and not forgive. My last try was creating a SSDT with PimentelX86 methode (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/295587-power-management-for-sandyivy-bridgehaswell-cpus/), but no change. any idea ?
  8. What sort of SMBios ....

    Sorry but I did exactly what you (all) told me : - put a 12,2 smbios in Extra - download and install combo update and before reboot - inject board ID in kext - install kext with kext utility (and repair permissions at the same time) - reboot ignoring cache But still the same error : if I put another smbios than 13,1 I got a KP (AICPUPM) And with 13,1 Idon't have my 2 screens I'm lost !
  9. What sort of SMBios ....

    you're right I've found on everymac that MacBookPro 8,1 has Sandy Bridge. Finally do you think my problem is only in power management ? (because of the KP) is there any way to solved this ? Or shall I let iMac SMBios and losing my second screen ?
  10. What sort of SMBios ....

    Thanks a lot, you help me a lot !!! By "what kind of Mac use SB" I meant "is there any other mac than MacBookPro or Mac mini or iMac that have SB ... Sorry for that ! Of course I can search on the web, I have a lot of informations due to long time spent on internet but every time I translated with google or whatever, the result was not explicit so I tried again and again to have something useful. You're kindly but I'm not a noob ! I only want some help ....
  11. What sort of SMBios ....

    I confirm, but when I put an iMac 12.2 SMBios, everything is OK. So why a Mac Pro 4.1 or 5.1 give a PM failure and not the iMac one ? I've tried what Styrian write at the beginning and it works ........ for 1 time !!! the second boot give me another KP AICPUPM I've seen in verbose mode that the nVidia's drivers was the Web drivers. Is that my problem ?? This is not my first install but it's always more problematic to update !!! viva Insanelymac's forum ;-) @ Pike R. Alpha Do you think I can use something like this : http://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2013/12/ ?? Is it only for info or is it the PM ? (Yes I'm french and some texts are not easy to understand) thanks
  12. What sort of SMBios ....

    Ok, I've understood in late ! Thanks for all, I'll try soon and give you report as soon as possible How can I know what kind of Mac use SB ? (Mac pro for example)
  13. What sort of SMBios ....

    Thanks for your reply styrian, but what do you mean by board ID ? Is it the ID of my motherboard brand or something else ? Can you tell me where I can find a SB SMBios and what is the difference with the others ? Thanks again
  14. Hi everyone, I search for a long time now why I can only run Mavericks on a P8P67 with an iMac 12,2 SMBios ? If I put a MacPro 4,1 or 5,1, I've got a "P.State Steppe error18 at step 2 in context 2 on CPU 1" and then a KP. My spec : ASUS P8P67 modified bios, I5-2500K not overclocked, 8Go DDR3 Corsair Vengeance, Asus GT640. By the way, i've update to 10.9.4 and, as 10.9.3, I've lost my second screen but can't resolved this without rollback to 10.9.2 nvidia kext !!! cordially
  15. Merci pour les infos, @ FredWst : as tu réussi sur ta P5B à faire un DSDT sans PB ? J'en avais fait un avec Snow mais quand je le teste avec ML, je ne vois pas de différences notables. j'ai fait des tests comme toi (et obligé de faire aussi comme toi pour pouvoir redémarrer.....), ça m'a lourdé et j'ai laissé tomber. Après tout certains kexts sont là pour palier au pb ! Mais ça me lourde encore plus maintenant que je dois couper l'inter de l'alim Je dois avouer que je suis moins sur les tests depuis quelques mois (pas loin d'un an !!!) mais j'aimerai bien trouver ma solution. je recommence mes études sur le DSDT..... Si vous avez des tips pour ML, n'hésitez pas, je tiendrai à jour mon post sur mes avancées PS : quelqu'un pourrait m'aiguiller sur les tables ACPI (SSDT & Co), merci