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  1. Just perfect! Very straight foward and clean. I just want to say thank you.
  2. [Solution] ICH10 [IDE Mode] SATA Kext

    Worked perfect on my EP45DS3L + Q6600, Retail installation. Faster boot since you dont have to wait for the AHCI mode in BIOS. In system profiler, it looks better also. No more "Unknow Controller". Thanks a lot!
  3. b0 error

    ibeaspecialboy, greetings from Brazil! well, im trying a single boot. one HD, one partition... i formated but didn`t create any partition, just formated (journaled). I used the "make bootable HD for Leopard" CD to do it, and then the Kalyway 10.5.1 ... Also tried the Bad Axe 2 hackintosh guide... Tried to install 10.5.2 update... the b0 error still there. Don`t know what im doing wrong. Thanks a lot anyway!! Peace
  4. b0 error

    Having the same b0 error.... using a bad axe 2, E6750, XFX 7600gt, a sata 2 HD. Install method was Kalyway 10.5.1 EFI enabled... I already tried to activate the particion using terminal, but the b0 error still there. Don`t know what to do... any help will be very welcome! Peace.